Big Foot

I drive an SUV. I'm whispering that, in case you can't tell. I have vehicular eco-guilt. It's a Land Cruiser, and it's really nice. I have this behemouth because I need a place to put 2 small children with large car seats, one 80 pound dog, groceries and potting soil and the like, and I haven't been able to bring myself to buy a minivan. Mr. P choose this land yacht, it wasn't my idea. He thinks of the kids as riding around in a nice big safe tank. He likes that.

My SUV takes premium gas. I know, insane right? I was at a gas station a week ago and the pump would not work. I went inside to pay and the lady at the counter asked how much I wanted. I was on fumes, so I handed her my credit card and said, "Make it fifty." (It takes $60+ to fill this monster up.) She looked at me and said, "If I had to put $50 worth of gas in my car I'd sit down and cry." I nodded in understanding.

Then this week I'm in line at Shark Boy's school and there are two Hummers ahead of me. The full-size ones. Wow. A Hummer for commuting, for driving the kiddos to their stuff all over hell's half acre each week, for grocery runs. I'm not that bad (close maybe - I'm not really sure.)

I told Mr. P. that I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint. He asked, not without sarcasm, if I knew what my footprint was right now. No, says I, but it's too big. For now, we need the space. It's only while the children are young. Before Shark Boy I drove a Toyota Corolla. I'll look at hybrids when the kids are older, I really will... I still feel bad.


Bananas said...

This TOTALLY cracks me up because we used to own an SUV... a full sized limited edition Montero... with heated leather seats and jazzy stainless steel wheels. And when we bought it, I kept it a SECRET from everyone I knew. Seriously. My friends first found out abuot it when they asked for a ride home and I couldn't think of an excuse to say no. So I HEAR ya! But now we're a one-car family... even if it's a BMW I feel MUCH more earth-friendly. ;) But don't you worry, *I'll* never judge!!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I drove a Pathfinder but I've got my eyes on a Pacifica...shhh.

I totally DO NO GET the Hummers, though. Why the hell do normal people drive them? Hmmmm. ;)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

p.s. yes I am up with a very sick child. :(

Hence the 2 a.m.

OhTheJoys said...

My husband is an energy policy analyst. We have one car and he can't stop talking about our foot print - ever.

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