Don't Disturve Me

We're in the hotel in Charleston and I'm waiting for Mr. P to return from Starbucks. Shark Boy is on the balcony with his new toy sea life spread out around him. Honey Bear and I are on the inside, peering through the glass. We are the visitors to the Aquarium and Shark Boy is the marine biologist on duty. He is showing us one sea creature at a time, explaining stuff and making up what he doesn't really know. Up comes a bright orange octopus from the depths of the balcony. He holds it close to the glass for the visitors to see. I dutifully say "Look, Honey Bear! An octopus!!" And I tap on the glass to get The Bear to look. Shark Boy shakes his head slowly with a look of contained annoyance on his face. "Don't tap on the glass please. That disturves them."


Rima said...

Oh, that's hilarious. You have a budding curator on your hands.

Kellan said...

That was adorable. I could almost touch that octopus. See ya.

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