Nearly Wordless Wednesday - Angels Mine

My Three Angels


Heather said...

Totally gee-orge-ous!

Queen of Shake-Shake

Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

Look at those cheeks!

Rachel said...

To-ta-lly DAHLING!!
you have me intrigued. I'd be checking in anyway, but now I'll definitely be back to see.
I just love(d) those little tootsies sticking out of his crib bars!

Rima said...

They are absolutely beautiful.

And talk about good build-up for your next posts! Sheesh, I'm on pins and needles now.

(And BTW, I *have* heard that Randy Newman song. Tsk, tsk. It sends me an my hobbit friends into a seething fit of rage every time ;)

Steph said...

They are adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, the cheeks! They are ripe for the pinching.

andi from Poot and Cubby

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