The Stick Turned Pink

This is the first post in a series.

I had a baby in January. I turned 40 when he was 3 months old. Mr. P and I thought one more would be wonderful but we knew we needed to get crackin’ with the way those statistics start to look post-40.

My periods never resumed normally when I quit nursing. In November, Dr. Lovely drew blood to check my thyroid and whatnot. She gave me a prescription for something that would cause a period, trying to jump-start me. While she and I were talking, the stick in the pee turned pink. It took like 3 minutes though, so that was odd.

Dr. Lovely added a pregnancy test to my blood work and instructed me not to fill the prescription until we had the results. If I was pregnant, fantastic! If not, I’d take the pills.

I didn’t get too excited. I didn’t feel pregnant. With Honey Bear, I kid you not, my boobs hurt badly within 24 hours of conception. In all three of my pregnancies that symptom was the first. I didn’t have it now. But each pregnancy is different, so they say. I was hopeful. And I let myself think about it.

Dr. Lovely’s nurse called the next day and said I was not pregnant. My thyroid looked good; no problems there. Have a nice day!

I was disappointed. This meant taking the little pills, having periods again, peeing on the Clearblue Easy fertility sticks (which, incidentally, goes much like this) every morning, taking my temperature and charting it. And waiting.

So we got the monitor and the charts out. I filled the prescription. And on we marched toward one last baby.

Next in the series: I’m Impressive


Emily said...

DELAYED GRATIFICATION?! Now I have to wait for the rest of the story...

Rachel said...

You have my attention. And that's a lot coming from ADD girl! LOL. Ugh.. and I have to wait how many days? Are you trying to teach us a lesson in empathy?

Candace said...

the first in a series?????
more, more, more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

painted maypole said...

ooohhh... looks to be a good series.

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