Honey Bear Scores!

Honey Bear had his first Christmas and then in January turned ONE! And he has received some pretty cool toys. He wanted to share with the Internetz so other babies might get these toys as cool gifts too.

(The Bear was not compensated in any way for his expert endorsement of these products. He's just being nice.)

Barnyard Bowling
The ball goes Moooo when you roll it! Hilarious!

Bee Bop Band
This is ADORABLE! You will happily play along! (We don't know that little girl...)
Ride-On Classic Firetruck
What could be cuter for a baby boy?

Zebra Bouncy Toy
I didn't think he would be big enough for this. Wrong! He throws his leg over, it's short enough for his feet to touch, and he bounces away!
Very cute take on a shape sorting toy!

Peek-A-Blocks Train
This thing is so fun! The blocks move up and down and spin and it plays music as it chugs along. He plays with it every day.

Leap Frog Musical Playground

Baby stands in front of it and there are all sorts of buttons to push and levers to move. Bear likes the ball shute the best!

Gumball Machine
Baby puts a ball into the top and when he pushes the lever it rolls out the bottom. Bear can do this over and over!

And he got a toy cell phone from his sister that he LOVES! Although, he prefers real phones so he can prank call 9-1-1.


Abbie said...

Ooh! Livie had that gumball machine and that bird bath thing and LOVED them both!!

And sister, let me tell you, I can't count on one hand how many times Livie called 911 by accident!! How do they manage that?! Isn't it just humiliating?? ughhhh....

Nell said...

That fire truck is awesome!

Joeprah said...

Doesn't everyone have that drum set? My brother in law has 3. He keeps getting them for his kids for some reason. Your chubz pranks 9-1-1 too? LOL!

Rachel said...

Those cheeks!! That pic of him is just darling!! Oh he is just smoochable and squeezable! :-)
Love the cow bowling set!! I'm going to have to get one for Monkey. That is too cute!

Cynthia said...

The Little man has the firetruck and loves it! We have the drum set to. Nice haul for Honey Bear:)

Unknown said...

Any ideas on how to STORE all these wonderful toys? We seem to have toys running out our ears!

Heather said...

What cool gifts...i know he'll have lots of fun!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

That last picture kills me!

Oh dude...the drum set scares me. We have the train set. I actually bought it at a consignment sale for half price! Of course I bought it last year and both girls (even my youngest) were just a tad too old for it. I think maybe I just bought it for me because it was so darn cute. ;)

I love the firetruck!

ShellyH said...

Thanks for your great review of toys!

Anonymous said...

What? Can I come play at your house?


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