Views From A Childhood

Series: Nostalgia

I've always envied people who are full of pride in the place of their formation. Returning, for me, is not simple.

The people remain the most loving, constant, generous of souls.

And they are surrounded by such a dreariness, a gray that is the color in my mind of much of my own childhood.

I think of it in gray, even in summer and even in all the fond memories of the place.

It deserves a full re-birth in blazing hues, just for the people there to get to see it happen, because they are loyal and will not leave to see the color of another place.


Anonymous said...

The first picture. The dates. Um, am I seeing things?

Amy said...

The dates are 1912 - 1912. It was my grandfather's baby brother. There is a slim piece of grass that cuts through the 9 but I didn't see it until I uploaded the photos.

Audubon Ron said...

Wow, that got me.

Jennifer said...

I wondered about the dates, too...

These pictures really capture the point of your post.

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