The Dino Drawers Are Extinct

How completely adorable are these little size 6 boxers?

Just like Daddy!

I bought Shark Boy plain white briefs and a package of these blue boxer shorts.

I took them out of the bag and showed him his new undies.

Without a word he stood up, put his arms around me and, laying his forehead on my chest, quietly said "Thank you."

"Don't you want to wear your dinosaur underwear anymore?"

"Mom, I've outgrown that."

Wow. How can that be? He's only five and three-quarters years old.

Mr. P had told me Shark was embarrassed at karate in the changing room because his underwear had Star Wars and 7 Days of the Week Dinosaurs.

So I bought little man drawers for him. And they are cute, but they are a sign my small boy is growing up.

And it's all too fast for Mama.


JCK said...

Oh, that is a big deal. All of these steps that they take. Initially not seeming like a leap, but it is! And they're ready before us...

Rima said...

I don't know what is sweeter, the way he thanked you, or the fact that his dad was looking out for him in the man department ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's so adorable...and he thanked you! Love the jersey he's wearing :)

carrie said...

I know, I remember when my boys wanted boxer briefs . . . I knew they were growing up way too fast then!

He is adorable.

Cheryl said...

Yeah, mine wanted the boxer briefs at 6. Wait 'til your boy finds out you posted his drawers online. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm 36 and I still wear the dinosaur undies!

Anonymous said...

Boxer briefs rock!
My little man looks so cute in them I can't stand it.
The tightie-whities, however, seem to be falling by the wayside. Just ask my friend, whose son catches eternal hell in the middle school locker room for wearing them. Poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Ah, what a milestone. I know my 6 year old boy loves his boxer briefs. But he hasnt' complained about his superman and spiderman undies yet. Wonder if I should check with him about those?

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