I didn't do an Easter post on Easter Sunday because I was cooking.

Yeesss, that's right. Cooking. (I see you rolling your eyes, but I've told you before that I actually can cook. No lie.)

Home-made potato salad. Carrots steamed and baked in brown sugar and orange juice. And baked ham.

And made-from-scratch banana cream pie.

Layer #1:

The perfect meringue:
Fresh from the oven:

No one would eat this pie. P wanted frozen yogurt with fruit because he eats all healthy and has the will power of a ROBOT HUMAN, especially compared to me, who thinks pie ought to be a food group.

Shark took a bite and spit it out and said "ewww" just because he was tired and being contrary.

Sugarplum came by today and wouldn't try it because she's trying to eat better too.


Now I have to eat the whole thing myself.

And you know, it's not easy to cook when the open space you must cross to walk to and fro between your sink, fridge, and cooktop has become Romper Room.

Notice that there is no baby in Romper Room. While this was a valiant attempt on Mommy's part to keep The Bear where I could watch him, he spent exactly 5 minutes per hour, not consecutive minutes of course, in this nice play space, causing me to have to go searching for him every 3.4 minutes.

But whatever. Even when he stayed put in the kitchen he caused trouble.

You see that, on the pillow? Oatmeal. Yum.

While I did manage to cook a nice dinner this Easter, there wasn't much decorating. All the Christmas crap is now piled in front of the Easter stuff in the attic and who has time for that?

So decorating got the quickie treatment. I always have The Rabbits where I can put them out for Spring. They aren't specifically Easter so they pretty much hang out now til Fall.

I wish you could see The Rabbits better. If I told you what these fancy bunnies cost you would not believe it. My mother-in-law gave them to me. (See that precious little two-year old boy in the portrait? Shark Boy!)

We colored eggs of course, which serve nicely on a pretty egg plate as decoration. (Hey, I'm counting it!)

And I decorated one of the kids.

Slightly maniacal looking rabbit if I do say so. Hopped up on lots of jelly beans and chocolate eggs.

Get it? "Hopped up!" HA!

One thing I do really well is creating the children's Easter baskets.

The green one is Sugarplum's. She still gets one through college. It's my policy on Easter baskets.

Mass was lovely except for the part where we were in the overflow hall (thousands of people you see) and couldn't smell the incense, which I love and believe should be used at every Mass anyway. And the part where The Bear kept trying to escape from our row and walk all over the place because he thinks walking is just so awesome.

And do I have a photo of Shark and Bear in their Easter clothes?

I do not.

So the perfect ending to this post, the "awwww" inducing photo of the adorable little boys, does.not.exist.

So I'll end the post with these photos: Backyard Easter Egg Hunt Triumph and Random Adorable Chubby Baby.

I hope you had a Blessed Easter All!


Sugarplum's Mom said...

Mmm... Pie.... When should I be there? I'll even bring my own fork.

Unknown said...

The pie looks wonderful - I'd eat it with you!

Ah, the wonderful memories you'll share when you look at The Maniacal Rabbit, Egg Triumph, and Random Chubby Baby pictures for years to come. They show the true Shark Boy and Bear - not stiff and dressed up. Just being Momma's boys!

Sounds like you had a good Easter!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

That PIE!!!! You rock.

Also, you rock on the baskets. :)

Sister Honey Bunch/Judi maloney said...

That food looks fab. I'm so hungry.

You know, we almost never have incense at Mass.

Anonymous said...

Yum, pie! Oh, was there more of a post after the pie, because I had to take a long drool pause.

Rachel said...

I just finished eating Pot Roast with horseradish sauce, so I am all ready for that gorgeous pie!!
Those baskets are adorable, Chubby Baby.. just. want. to. squeeze him!!!!
The pictures are great. The maniacal rabbit should be framed somewhere :-)
Smooches honey.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could grab the pie through the screen, and eat it. It looks/looked fabulous! :)

Cynthia said...

You had me at pie:)

Anonymous said...

Can we come for easter dinner next year?

Those rabbits look verrrrry spendy!

And adorable pics of the kiddos...that baby makes me want to munch on him!

Meredith said...

Your pie crust makes me green with jealousy! I still use frozen most of the time.

Di said...

The pie looks fab! My friend's family calls it Styrofoam Pie.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I WOULD EAT that pie. You made those baskets? Wow, I am not worthy. Those are awesome!

Anonymous said...

1. You had me at pie. 2. You don't have incense? That's messed up. We always do. 3. I loved those two different ND shirts.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...


Meg said...

THAT pie looked amazing...

It's official..you rock...!

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