Shark Stitches

On Monday, Shark Boy fell at school and gashed his knee and had to go to the doctor's office and get it stitched up.

Our first experience with stitches. The shot to numb it was the worst part. He cried and squeezed my hands so hard. But he was a very brave little guy.

So all this week we've had to remove his bandage twice a day and dress his wound.

This evening as Mr. P is putting on a new bandage smeared with Neosporin, Shark got all squirmy and apprehensive about it.

P said, "Look don't freak out. We do this every night and it doesn't hurt. You always freak out about stuff. I hope you outgrow that dude."

Shark Boy replied, "Dad. Five is not a high number."

Good point.

He's so bright that even when he was only three we would sometimes have to stop and think "Wait, he's only three!" We would catch ourselves expecting understanding or behaviors that were really not in line with his age. These verbally advanced ones are tricksy that way.

I am glad he reminded us.

Five is not a high number.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I love the wisdom of children.

Glad he's OK!

p.s. have you been outside to play in the snow yet? ;)

Anonymous said...

what I like best is that he was plucky enough to remind Dad.

<3 for him, brave boy.

Heather said...

I'm 34 and I think I would squirm every time too.

S said...

Oh, poor boy.

And yes, he's right. He reminds me of Jack. Always right, annoyingly enough.

Anonymous said...

Smart boy, that one.

Anonymous said...

If he's already coming up with such pithy 1 liners, I can sure see him heading to Dome land.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Kids will surprise you that way...

I had no idea you were in Nashville! In other words, I'm clueless and my head is lodged really far up my ass.


Di said...

When my son got stitches for the first time, they numbed him with this cream that worked great. The doctor was stitching him up on the table while he flirted (he was 4) with the nurses. Suddenly I said, "Is it getting hot in here?" The next thing I know I was on the table and Rory had been whisked away. Yup...I nearly passed out.

Now, I am one who watches as they put an IV in me...but apparently seeing something done to my child is too much.

Angela said...

I'm thinking 36 is not a high number either. Totally. Your little guy rocks.

Virginia said...

Knee stitches are the worst! Always getting pulled when you walk and sit. My son had a similar knee injury when he was little and totally loved having the stitches story and scar during his middle school years. Boys need stuff to brag about and if blood and mayhem is involved - even better.

Suburban Turmoil Blog Hopping Weekend...Virginia

Anonymous said...

I have to remember that with my daughter too. I think sometimes I expect her to cope with way too much when she's only 3.

Michelle Smiles said...

HA! I love that! I wish I had been smart enough to tell my parents that when I was 5.

Meredith said...

We've done similar things to our kindergartener. It's only when he's peaceful and sleeping that we look at him and remember, oh, he's still a little one.

Rachel said...

Poor baby.
He's so smart, love that he 'told' dad!

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