He's a Yellow Duckie

He started out as a Purple Bear.

Then he was a Green Turtle.

Now he's a Yellow Duckie.

These are the names of the nursery school rooms Honey Bear has progressed through since he started at 5 or 6 months old.

Now, the Yellow Duckie Room is a huge deal. Well, for P and I it is a huge deal. This room is for "older babies."

When I dropped him off Friday at about 10:30 a.m., we went to the Duckies instead of the Turtles.

They told me I didn't have to bring his diaper bag each day anymore. They would keep everything in his cubby. They displayed a choice of cute, boy-themed nappers and I picked the one with spaceships. The napper is a quilted blanket to lay on with an attached pillow. I will need to bring a cover blanket for him that will stay at "school."

No more crib at school. His napper will be placed on a low cot and that's where he'll sleep. No more bringing bottles to school. He'll have a sippy cup there. No more high chair at school. He'll sit at the very low table in one of the very small chairs to eat his lunch and his snack.

I stood listening to all the new procedures, holding him in my arms and thinking "But, but he still has puppy smell!" I had an impulse to hold him out to Miss Dimple and encourage her to sniff his head, to prove his baby-ness hasn't worn off yet.

I remembered Shark Boy coming into the Yellow Duckie room, with the same wonderful and loving teachers, and the same new procedures that would govern a part of his day.

I could not then, nor can I now, believe how very fast it comes! Honey Bear is 15 months old. He's still a baby, but more so to me than to his teachers, who see that he's capable of all these "next stage" things. And they know this learning and this routine will challenge him and help him grow.

It's entirely appropriate and he's fully ready. As I left, he was sitting at the very low table in one of the very small chairs, next to a baby boy named Henry, with Miss Dimple hovering over them, smiling and talking to them. I said bye-bye and Bear blew me a kiss and smiled at me.

But! But, he still has puppy smell...

One Day

One Year


Sugarplum's Mom said...

Oh my goodness... "But he still has puppy smell"... that is so sweet and precious

Unknown said...

Sniff *wipes tear* You make me sad - I don't want my baby to grow up either! She starting crawling just last week and has already learned how to go up one step from the tv room to the kitchen!

Why do they have to grow up so quickly?

Anonymous said...

That was the hardest transition by far for me with each child.

Tell all them we said hello from us if you think about it.

Anonymous said...

I still rub my cheek on my son's hair on the rare occassion that he's sitting on my lap (he's 3). Just to remember the days of the little peach fuzz that was on his head and that great baby smell. The definition of bittersweet - growing up.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful daycare.

I do consider it a privilege to baby my younger one. It's nice to be more relaxed this time around, less worried about developmental milestones.

Anonymous said...

Aw, he's a big boy already! What a little sweetie. I'm tearing up just thinking about two months from now when mine will start daycare. How time flies...

Anonymous said...

I saw 3! count 'em 3! newborn babies at Target yesterday. One of the baby's fathers was holding him and sniffing him. There is nothing that makes you ovulate like the scent of a baby.

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