Shark Bites

"Can I go next door?"

"Thank you for asking first. Yes, you may go, but I need you to come back in 30 minutes. Don't make me call over there looking for you."

"OK Mom. I'll be back in 30 minutes, even though I don't know how much that is."

"Can The Bear stay up late tonight so I can play with him more?"
"Oh how sweet that you want to play with your brother!"
"Yeah. I've decided I like him mostly. We're not going to sell him."

"Mom, if I do something really bad you and Dad still have to love me because you had me as a baby."

In the car coming home from school:
"Mom, what do you do with a note?"
"What do you mean?"
"When you get a note, what do you have to do?"
"A note from the teacher? Were you being bad? Did you get a note home from school?"
(sadly) "Yes, I did. So what do you do with the note?"
"Well, I'll have to sign it and send it back to the teacher. And your father is not going to be very happy about this."

Silence for 10 minutes, then, casually:

"Mom, I'd like to know how to sign your name."

"Hey, did you know that certain varieties of shrimp can feed near the black smokers at the greatest depths? And in the Northeastern waters, in the West Northeast, they are actually called Dragon Smokers."

After seeing The Blue Angels at the air show:
"Dad, those planes are really agile."

"Mom, The Bear stabbed me right in the eye with that toy!"
"He didn't mean it. He's just a baby."
"He did mean it! He did it on purfuss."

We watched The Quiet Man, the old John Wayne movie. When John Wayne first sees Maureen O'Hara, backlit by the sun in the emerald fields of Ireland, he's captivated.
This is Maureen O'Hara.

Shark Boy, snuggled up next to me, says "She's so pretty I don't think she's real."

He pauses and then says:

"You're so pretty I don't think you're real either."

(I think he added that so I wouldn't be jealous.)

Later in the movie he observes, "She's got freckles and a temper (a line from the movie). I bet she'd give me a lot of trouble."


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Anonymous said...

I love The Quiet Man. I'm still giggling over him asking how to sign your name. You are in for it with him as a teenager if he's already doing that now.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Yep, he's a genius in the making.

JCK said...

These Shark bites were fabulous! Especially loved the Maureen O'Hara comments!

carrie said...

He is too adorable!

I'd most likely give him trouble too with my freckles and temper and red hair! :)

Unknown said...

What a smarty! Are you ready for his teenage years?

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