Deep South Moms

Did you know that the new Deep South Moms Blog has launched?

My first post is on baby changing stations in public restrooms. Actually, it's about the infuriating inconsistency of finding them.

As a Yankee transplant who married into the whole grits and y'all thing, I'm proud (and still a little surprised) to be blogging at Deep South Moms.

I'm in excellent company though! The Queen and The Blonde, real, life-long Southern Belles, are writing there too.

Check us out y'all!

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Can't wait to hang out with you over there! :)

Rachel said...

It is so cute!! Love it. I'll definitely be reading y'all!

Anonymous said...

The grits I will never get and the y'all - I had that down the first day :) Nice to be writing with you at Deep South Moms!

Heather said...

You might have the y'all but do you have the Yeeeeeehaaawwwww yet? Because, I swear, that is inborn. heh

I'm so excited to be writing with all of you talented ladies. Eek!

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