I'm Shiny!

Shameless Self-Promotion Post. (But who else is going to do it?)

I've mentioned here before that I write about working motherhood at the very clever Mommy Track'd site. I love the site! Anything that features a Three Martini Complaint Department has me at "click here."

You should go there. Really. You'll find me Around the Watercooler.

And go here too!! Pretty, pretty please with a cherry, whipped cream, and extra fudge sauce on top? Nuts optional.

How often do I ask you for anything?

Shine is a Yahoo magazine and they've been fooled smart enough to feature on the front page my latest article for Mommy Track'd about how daycare doesn't determine your child's Myers-Briggs score. Under "Parenting" I'm the giant headline "Does daycare really make a kid more social?"

Now that my name is in lights and all SHINY and stuff I'm going to go get me an expensive famous person hat for my big fat head. Like this one.

OK, the shoes bother me more than the hat. They aren't right with that dress. And may I just point out: SJP is a genius. That stupid hat is all anyone can talk about.

Please visit Shine and comment. We'd love for them to pick up more Mommy Track'd writing!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you! She's getting so much publicity for that hat. And, you are right. Shoes are a no go.

Michelle Smiles said...

Congrats! And I could make you a one of a kind hat rather like SJP (but not exactly because it would be one of a kind) for the low, low price of $4000. Hehe.

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