Nearly Wordless Wednesday - Parenting Tip

Look how cute! This is Sugarplum a few years ago on her 16th birthday. A Honda Civic appeared in the driveway with a giant pink bow on the roof, keys tucked into a small wrapped package.

My parenting tip today is this: Do not buy your teenager a brand new car. Buy a "previously owned" car.

This will sound to some of you like stupid assvice because who would buy their 16 year old a brand new car anyway.

Oh, you dear innocent things. Just wait. You'll see.

I saw. I saw 16 year olds pulling up to her school in new SUVs and BMWs.

She however, received the very nice previously owned Honda Civic pictured above.

She totalled it 3 weeks later.

TIP: Buy something that you don't mind them crashing. Cause they're gonna hit something.

(No one was, thank GOD, injured in any way.)


Anonymous said...

3 weeks? Oof, how that must have hurt.

And I plan on not buying my kids cars at all. Well, I say that now, but we'll see if their incessant whining wins out in the end.

Treasia Stepp said...

Thanks for the tip. We plan on purchasing Princess her first car in a couple of weeks and yes, it's going to be a previously owned car. Princess even said herself to not waste the money on a new one as she has seen to many friends total them.

Rachel said...

Amen sistah!
I had tons of friends in new BMW, Mercedes' and SUV's. I drove a 3 yr old Tracker convertible and it got me where I needed to go all the way through HS and College and the dents and dings didn't kill me or my parents ;-)

Anonymous said...

My dad bought me, in 1994, a 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, in bright maroon. It looked like a bloodclot and only got AM stations. One year later, he bought my sister a 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, in bright maroon. After we got over our shock that he managed to find two almost identical visual nightmares, we were humiliated. But too scared to wreck them, lest he find and bring home something worse.

Anonymous said...

There were parents at the school where I taught once who bought their kids cars worth far more than my annual salary. One kid didn't like his car, so he drove it in the wrong gear to get a different one.

Anonymous said...

My best friend in high school got a PORSCHE. A PORSCHE! Ridiculous.

She's now a drug addict, living in Mississippi with a convict.

Michelle Smiles said...

Wow! You rock as a mom for giving her a car at all. I was driving my grandma's 1978 Volvo when I was 16. And it took me 6 weeks to total it. (Although in my defense, it doesn't take a lot of damage to total a car that is a decade old.) It was baby poop yellow with brown corduroy interior. Man that thing was ugly.

youarekiddingme said...

I think a "pre owned" car is about right for a new driver. And they need to pitch in for at least part of that car. Jobs? Responsibility? Yes, that's right kids, you want a car? Welcome to adulthood! Not that they're going to get too far making $7 an hour with the price of GAS!

Di said...

I was never given a car. I bought my first car when I was 21 and a senior in college. A 1981 Toyota Tercel (it was 1984.) I flipped it over on an icy road and totalled it 3 weeks later.

It should have been an expensive lesson, but the insurance company paid me more than I originally paid for the car, so I was able to turn around and just by another one. Perpetuated my worldview that large purchase are just as disposable as small ones.

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