Shark Bites

Sound bites from Shark Boy.

"The Bear tells on me!"
"How? He can't even talk."
"He just cries and cries when I do something to him."


In horrible traffic on the way to school:
"Mom, all the arteries are clogged."

"Mom, get your skinny legs over here please. "
"Um, what?"
"Well. You're all skinny except for one part."
"What part is that?"
"Your breast-ez."

"Mom look! Bear has breast-ez!"

Holding a 4-month old boy in the church nursery, Shark Boy sniffs the baby's head and says, "It just makes you want to keep him."

More Shark-Bites.
And even more.


Rachel said...

'Except your breast-ez'!
GACK!! I'm rolling.
Skinny woman! That Shark is one darling sharp witted kid.
I adore Shark Bites, some of my favorite reading!!

Anonymous said...

Talk about flattery! Wow. You are skinny & have a great rack. KEEP HIM!

Nell said...

I just didn't think it was possible for your boy to get any cuter! So funny!

Treasia Stepp said...

How cute is those this morning. Love that last one. "Let's keep him". LOL.

Audubon Ron said...

Interesting notes to make. Hey, wuddup, you don't visit anymore.

Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) said...

I was reading about "breast-ez" and I was all cracking up... then I got to the closer, and I was all sighish. :-)

Anonymous said...

"Shark Bites" is one of my favorite topics on your blog. He cracks me up.

Oh, and about the baby - I wasn't aware that we had the option to keep or to give away. Must look into this on bad days...

Rima said...

I love that kid.

And also? I wish that mah breastisiz were the only large thing on me.

Anonymous said...

The Bear is a TOTAL tattletale.

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