A Soaking Shoot 'Em Up

At Deep South Moms I've posted about a gun fight at my son's school. The Aftercare kids brought water guns on the last full day of school and had a water gun and water balloon fight at Aftercare.

I wrote about how fun I think this was, and about my surprise that it happened. And I wonder about parents with a "no gun toy" policy, like a good friend of mine. We went and bought Shark the biggest water blaster on the market. What would a "no guns" parent do?

Reading, Writing, and Gunfighting -- Click on over. And leave a comment if you have an opinion on the toy gun thing and whether you think this water blaster party was an OK idea.

And if you want, you can read this post about when Shark Boy shot me with his tee tee.

Have a good Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

I love that he shot you with his schlong. And, I have no problem with toy guns either. Boys like to be boys. Why take that away from them?

Cynthia said...

When I was a kiddo, the last day of school was all about water gun fights. Good to hear it still happens!

JCK said...

Brilliant idea. When we grew up we played "cowboys & indians", had sticks for guns and just play acted death. That is not what turns kids into kids gone bad with guns. This political correctness thing makes me insane at times!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.. I think it's wonderful they let them do it. I don't exactly equate a water-gun with a toy machine gun anyway..

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