At Sea

I mentioned that I had thought of a really good gift for Mr. P's birthday this year.

Here it is:
A sailboat! Brilliant!

OK, I didn't actually buy the whole boat. I bought a few hours worth of the boat. I chartered it for a private sail in Newport, Rhode Island, a short trip from our hotel in Boston.

It was wonderful! He very much enjoyed it.

And now I want one. For our very own.

I'm a natural! (Ignore the very serious, sightly concerned expression. It's just the way my face falls. I'm having a blast. Really.)

See how we're heeling over? (I've already mastered the lingo.) It looks like the water is about to enter the boat, but it doesn't.

Hey sailor! Pass me a Summer Ale, please.

Um, does that BIG yacht know to move out of my way, or am I going to have to spin this thing like I'm playing Wheel of FortunePleaseDon'tLetMeDieAtSeaIHaveChildrenToRaise!?!

Newport is absolutely charming.

The boats with colored flags are former America's Cup winners.

We met a sweet furry resident named Milo.

This is Hammersmith Farm, the 28-room summer home of Jacqueline Bouvier's parents. She grew up in this quaint hut. She & JFK had their wedding reception in this backyard. (Still privately owned by some lucky schmo.)

This next house (yes, that whole thing is one house) was built by the people who brought Worcestershire sauce to America. There are about a dozen chimneys and each is shaped differently, each being the shape of a different type of Worcestershire sauce bottle neck. I thought that was very clever and lighthearted of the super rich sauce people.

Peaceful, sailing is. (uh, remarked Yoda.)

More heeling. You dizzy? Have more beer.

This lighthouse is a Bed and Breakfast on a little island. They ferry you out there and leave you. And you have to actually work the lighthouse while you're there.

Picturesque New England.

I think P liked his birthday gift, and I hope he isn't too worried about me bugging him for a sailboat. (Besides, I've got Shark Boy to sic on him about buying a boat. Heh.)

Happy Birthday (again) P. I love you!


Anonymous said...

**Sigh** I love being on the water. We sold our boat last year and we miss it. A Lot. (not a sail boat, but still). I really want to make it to that coast sometime soon. It looks beautiful!

Di said...

You know that if you get the sailboat, next thing you are going to want is one of those charming little "cottages."

Rima said...

Oooo, that looks amazing! My husband was an avid sailor in college, but we don't have a boat (yet), so I may just have to copy your awesome gift idea some time.

Anonymous said...

Did you get to do the mansion tour? Walking through The Breakers is an amazing experience. And, you are right. Newport is beautiful, but unfortunately filled with haughty blue bloods. (I lived in RI)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! My husband wants to buy a "fishing" boat. A 40 ft tournament fishing boat!! Maybe he could just rent one!! How sweet of you, I'm sure he loved it! Looks like you had a great time too!
(Found you on Luccehese to Louis Vutton)

Meg said...

Hey princess! THAT looks amazing and you look simply devine. You should totally get all over that and I will come visit!

JCK said...

Lovely pictures! What a great birthday you provided for him. And those saucy people, full of Worchestshire...have quite the rooftop of chimneys!

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing, i just love sailing but DH hates it. Looks like a day in paradise

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

What an awesome gift!!!! You go mama!

Unknown said...

I love sailing and haven't been in years! What an awesome b-day gift.

Sarahviz said...

Wasn't Newport awesome? Did you have some chowdah at the Black Pearl?

Audubon Ron said...


You win the completely way too cool wife of the year award.

Kate Walz said...

Gorgeous pictures! That looks like an amazing time!

Anonymous said...


I am so jealous! What great photos -- it looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Now, do you know the correct way to pronounce Worcestershire? Hehe!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Love it! My sister and her husband lived in Newport for a year while he was at the War College getting his masters. Sounds fancy, huh?

Anyway, we got to visit and it was amazing. Absolutely gorgeous.

Looks like you had a great time!

Welcome to AllMediocre!

Cynthia said...

First, what a wonderful gift! Second, my husband calls a boat "a hole in the water to pour money in"...It makes me chuckle...

Anonymous said...

Oh, looks like y'all had so much fun! That was a great gift.

Here's the thing about those mansions..in theory they seem like fun - but, once we spent a weekend with some rich friends in their 'mansion' (not quite as big as these - but still!) and I felt like I spent the whole 2 days trying to find everyone. I was wondering around trying to locate this child or this husband the whole time. We were so glad to be back in our small, cozy home.

Anonymous said...

ohh, newport is one of my favorite places on earth!!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh WOW. Nothing can top that gift. Okay, maybe something - but WOW. And Newport of all places? Amazing.

Connie said...

How amazing!

It is my dream to sail.

Marmarbug said...

Hello there. I stumbled around and found your blog! Love your title! And I was born in Newport, RI. But I remember none of it. I was 6 months old when I was brought to the south (which I never left)
But my birthplace looks very pretty!

Felicia said...

Ohmygosh! What a wonderful birthday gift for P. Beautiful.

Angie's Spot said...

That looks like a great trip! I love New England. Those houses are something out of a movie!

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