Shark Bites

I think Circuit City should give me a new camera for the free ad space here in this installment of the hilarious Shark Bites. Don't you?

Getting a haircut that was long overdue, Shark Boy tells the hair lady:

"If I didn't get my hair cut soon, people would start saying, 'Son, you're lookin' like a girl.' I want it shaved off."


Mom, I'm your small boyfriend. Dad is your big boyfriend."

Seeing a very pregnant woman on the beach he tells me:

"Pregnant ladies ROCK."
"Oh? Why is that?"
"Cause. They're havin' new kids."

Talking to people we just met at the pool, he introduces his baby brother by saying:

"That's 30 pounds of chub right there."


To his parents:

"Apple Jacks might be junk food for you old people but not for me!"

Nickname for baby brother: Chubba-saur.


I did not let him shave his head.

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Anonymous said...

"That's 30 pounds of chub right there."

omg, that's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I love his impressions of the world and his lack of filter between brain and mouth.

Unknown said...

I do love the shark bites. So clever that boy of yours!

Treasia Stepp said...

OMG that is hilarious about the 30 lbs of chub.

Rachel said...

I love that kid.
Those are awesome!

Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) said...

I think I love him.

And I also think it's fabulous that you write down these things he says. It will be invaluable later!


Anonymous said...

He so says the very best things. And, giving pregnant women the shout out! That's is so adorable. I love the cut. He looks handsome.

Anonymous said...

Hee... his comments made me think of Dennis the Menace and then I saw the blond hair! You are in trouble when he is a teenager, for sure.

Unknown said...

My faves are the boyfriend comment and the pregnant lady comment - too funny!!!

Felicia said...

Thanks for the laughs... went well with my coffee this morning. :)

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Gotta love little boys. So funny!

Great post over at Fussy's, btw. I wear my heels to work, though - too hard to carry a 26 lb baby around in heels!

Anonymous said...

He's cute and funny just like his mamma.

Anonymous said...

Love the boyfriend comments! Too cute!

Rima said...

I love that kid, I really do.

Unknown said...

the 30lbs of chub thing had me LOL, what a cutie!

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