Bail Fail


So, the "bailout" / "rescue plan" / "insert your term" - got a giant FAIL.

I was against it. I'd rather have the short-term pain of allowing this situation to play out than have my kids and grandkids deal with the long-term consequences of the government's immediate and expensive bandaid.

What sense have you made of this white hot mess? What do you want to happen?


Anonymous said...

I am for a bailout. I think the economic repercussions of a failure are giant. I think we are talking Great Depression.

LeahBear said...

Yeah, I'm kind of worried that if there's no bail-out, the results won't be short term. I was listening to the economic chatter on the radio yesterday and they said if the kind of stuff happening to the stock market transfers to the "real economy", it would be comparable to the Depression - like, with 25% of Americans out of a job, and nobody able to get a loan to buy a house, start a business, send their kids to college, etc. Scary stuff.

Sheri @ www.careergirlinterrupted.com said...

While I'm angry that we're bailing out wall street greed mongers (McCain's term which i agree with) - I feel the bail out is absolutely necessary. Without it, commerce is going to stop as we know it today. It's not just about mortgages not being handed out or home equity loans ceasing. It's also going to affect float loans for payroll and widgets so that companies stay in business. This mess that began in one area affects many others. As many people are saying, regardless of who lands in office we are all oing to pay out the wazoo.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

It's gonna be tough no matter which way we go or which person takes office. It's a little crazy to bailout all the big businesses and leave the little people to suffer, but on the other hand, America's revenue comes from the big boys. Hard decision. I'm undecided.

Unknown said...

I'm for a bailout, as well. But with structure and accountability. And the taxpayers have to get the money back. With interest. Because that's how the game is played. And regulation has to come back to the Wall Street playground. And banking regulations should be restored, as well. De-regulation has been a disaster. Just look around you.

Anonymous said...

I have bailout/election burnout! And the subsequent hangover, oiy!

I keep hoping this is all a bad dream, but I've got the bruises from repeatedly pinching myself to prove I'm wide awake.

Did you see the video Fussypants posted over at her site? Pretty interesting.

BTW, thanks for you input on my own poli-post. I really appreciated you laying it all out on the line like that. Check back because my lil bro is going to add his two cents, and he's about as conservative as they come and has tons of info to back up his points. I guess that 160 point IQ of his comes in handy for stuff like this. *lol*

BTW, I'm sorry for not having added you to my blogroll sooner. I am so lazy when it comes to that thing!

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