Please Don't Drink The Bathwater

Don't eat your boogers!

Please don't touch that dead animal.

You want ketchup on your applesauce?

Don't lick the lollipop after giving the dog a lick!

Why would you eat glue?! Don't do that!

UGH. Kids do such disgusting things.

I can't recall Sugarplum doing anything really yucky, but it is likely that I've forgotten or blocked it out.

Bear recently took a pancake out of our dog's bowl and was going to eat it, until he heard me shriek and stopped and looked at me all "WTH, woman?"

Shark however, wins the prize. When he was about two and a half, we were in a nice restaurant and he was getting bored. He crawled under the table to go from his dad over to me, and on the way he pulled a piece of gum from under the table and came up chewing!

I'm not a germ freak but OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!! It still makes me PIMML (puke-in-my-mouth-a-little) thinking about it.

So, can anyone top that?



Rachel said...

my kids both ate dog food. Drove me nuts.

You're right. We both have PIMML posts today. What is up with that?

:-) Gum under the table, *vomit*

Marie said...

My son was never one to do anything super gross. However, we kept our nephew over the summer and DUDE he was like a little billy goat.

He did the gum thing at Six Flags, He also pickup up popcorn off the ground. What took the cake was when he walked by my trashcan and pulled out a potato peel and ate it AACK!!

He is 3 I really would think he would be out of that by now. Needless to say it was a loooong week as I had to watch everything he ingested.

Amy said...

Marie: *billy goat* - hilarious! What kid would even want a clean potato peel??

Eternal Sunshine said...

I don't think I can top that...

My kid did take toilet paper, soak it in toilet water, and throw it on my ceiling...

Unknown said...

I cannot top that! EWWW! I have two brothers so I'm sure I could if I thought about it, but I think I repressed those thoughts and would prefer nto to bring them up again.

BTW, catching up on your latest post. Love the one of your daughter. She is a very pretty lady.

LeahBear said...

I don't have kids, but I have some gross kid stories of my own. When I was still crawling, there was some kind of mass moth migration and our house ended up with lots of moth carcasses all over the floor. I had lots of moth-snacks before my mom had a chance to sweep them all up.

Also, when my sister was put in the corner for being bad, she would spit in between the pages of magazines and stick them together.

Lori said...

This sounds like a round of gross out from jr. high.

Let's see...

No. 1 Son eat a washer, pieces of fabric, and some tread when he was little - not to gross. The only reason I knew was I found it in his diaper later. He also ate a dead spider. He also ate A
LOT of dog food. However, he started to eat a dog poop around the same age. GROSS!!! I rememeber myself throwing-up in the yard at the sight.

Surfer Dude would put ANYTHING in his mouth. I don't remember anything unusally gross other than he has a serious noise picking issue, enough said there.

The Princess has been seen eating apples that the chimpmunks and squirrel have brought to our carport from the neighbors yard.

Daddy-O remembers picking up a hoo hoo cake that he found on the side of the rode when he was in kindergarten or first grade. He knocked the rocks off it and eatting it.

Our family seems to have a "gross eating" gene.

Tyne said...

Disgusting! Once my daughter took some gum from the floor of this REALLY dirty video rental place (not dirty as in X rated, but unclean) and started to chew it. I hope creative momma comes by your blog to tell you about how her daughter ate dog poop.

Amy said...

reynie - thank you so much

leahbear - the moth thing is truly disgusting, but your sister sounds like an evil genius

I'm so glad other people's kids have eaten used gum. I feel a little better about it.

And dog poop. Oh my lawd I hope never to have to deal with that one!! Ack-gag-cough~~

Sugarplum's Mom said...

I ate dry cat food and little milk bones when I was little.. and the boy that lived across the street ate half a sandwich out of the garbage once..

Amy said...

I thought of one for Sugarplum! She once did sample the dog treats. They were different colors and flavors and, knowing full well what they were (she was maybe 8?), just tried each one. Told my mother which of them tasted the best.

not too horrible, but still - yick!

Anonymous said...

Errr, my oldest licked my brother's dog's EYEBALL once! Ewwwwwwww!!!

Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

When my brother-in-law was little, he once chewed on a used cigarette butt he found on the ground.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

My guy picked up dog poop with his hands.

I think I fainted.

Sarahviz said...

I'm starting to feel queasy here...and can you believe that with 3 boyz, I don't have a gross eating story??? YET, anyway.

Although I do know that the younger two totally drink their bathwater after I'm sure they've peed in it. Gag.

Amy said...

crumchiemummy - ACK! Now see - why?? Why would a kid think to do such a thing?

trenches - i'm shocked you don't have like 12 stories to beat us all! (but yeah, the bathwater thing is gross)

Ringleader said...

When Logan was 2, I pointed out a spider crawling across the bathroom floor. She immediately goes over and tries to eat it off the floor? So I shriek, "Nooo- let me squish it!", which I do, with a book. Then, before I realize what has happened, she picks the SMOOSHED spider off the books and eats it!!! Apparently she did not get that I didn't want her to eat a spider, period, she just assumed she was to wait until I smooshed it first? Oh my.

Amy said...

ringleader - Oh Oh Oh Oh!!!!!!!!!!!

pimml again

Karen said...

My sons are 4 years apart. I caught them one day taking the poop out of my youngest son's diaper and smearing it all over the bedroom, toys and all....(gagging here) Oldest son said he didn't do it, but somehow youngest son had it smeared down his back!!!! It took me forever to clorox everything.... Ahhhhh, BOYS!!!

Ringleader said...

What makes me the most crazy- is that my kids who have eaten their own boogers (and a spider) will cry and moan whe I fix something new for dinner as if I am trying to feed them... boogers and spiders!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in as one whose boys will eat anything. I don't remember my daughter doing it, but if it will fit in my boys' mouths, they will try to eat it. I think the grossest was when the older one ate a dead spider (at least he's not the only one!). I still gag thinking about that. My youngest will throw food off of his highchair with the express purpose (I think) of snacking on it later. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

I was visiting my mother one day and she had a friend over who has small children and one of the girls found a half eaten mouse my moms cat left as a prize. We were in the kitchen and here comes the 4 year old and I see a tail hanging out her mouth. I didn't alert my mother or her mother because I knew they would freak and scare her so, I went over to her and asked her to open her mouth and give me she had.

As soon as she opened her mouth, the bottom half of a mouse fell out and onto my bare foot. Her mother just happened to look over as the mouse was falling out nd she started screaming and rushed to her daughter and got her to the sink to rinse her mouth out. Me? I rushed to the bathroom and promptly threw up my lunch.

It has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I use that incident as a guide with my own children when they have done something. I just tell myself, at least they didn't stick a dead, half eaten mouse in their mouth!

Amy said...


HOLLI WINS!!!!!!!!!! (GAG)
Half-eaten dead mouse TAKES THE PRIZE! Oh that's so filthy I can hardly stand it! I bet for a year after that the mother worried every time that child was sick whether she had contracted some nasty rodent disease!

Don Mills Diva said...

That IS pretty damn gross!

Graham drinks his bathwater EVERY night and the more I try and get him to stop, the more he drinks.


Ringleader said...

Oh my- OK the dead mouse just about did me in!

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