I dreaded this day; the day my son would lose his first tooth.

I had professional pictures taken this summer because I knew it was coming and I wanted some really beautiful pictures of that baby-teeth perfect smile.

He laid in bed beside me as we watched Sponge Bob and I wiggled it back and forth and back and forth. I gave it a good pull and POP - out it came.

Now the toothless smiles start, and while those are cute in their own way, it's a final blow for babyhood. His face has been changing. First the fat jowls went away and cheekbones appeared. Later, his mouth and nose made nearly imperceptible moves toward a more grown up shape. Now, over-large teeth will push their way in and look, well, over-large.

Here it is. A tiny bottom-front baby tooth that was worth $10 to the Tooth Fairy.

The one next to the one that fell out is just hanging on. It's days are numbered.

My little gap-toothed boy.



Marie said...

Now you must feed him spaghetti for dinner. You will think it is gross but he will get a kick out of sucking the noodles through his new gap.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

He is so cute (he has the prettiest eyes!)

Miss C has yet to lose her first tooth and I know I'll be sad about it and she'll be pumped.

p.s. thanks for letting me know the going rate from the TF ;)

Anonymous said...

$10? I wanna visit the fairy at your house!

Poor Mom for seeing her baby lose it, but yay for Shark Boy who is $10 richer.

IdleMindOfBeth said...


WOW! Inflation has NOT been kind to the tooth fairy!

(and I love Marie's idea of spaghetti thru the gap!)

MJ said...

$10, I am going to come to your house and pull out my teeth! :-) I only ever got a dollar and a book, I like your system so much better!
What a cute picture that is!

PMKU said...

Congrats! He's so cute. My son pulled out 2 on the first day of school. rofl

Amy said...

Marie - the spaghetti idea is awesome!

$10 does seem like a lot, but I have to say it's what my husband gave my daughter for her baby teeth 10-12 years ago. Unusual, since he's a "saver personality" in general, especially back then when we didn't have much. (I insert no snarky comment about that, given the current economic meltdown. Saving is more appealing now. Even to me.)

Anonymous said...

My baby will be SIX in two weeks and she has the same loose tooth...awww it is bitter sweet!

Michelle said...

Such cute photos. I hope your tooth fairy isn't as forgetful as our tooth fairy!

Rachel said...


Princess is dying to know when her first one will fall out *sigh*

At least I know the going rate now :-)

he is so gorgeous!!!

Lori said...

Oh the day I’m dreading! I get the hebejebes just thinking about No. 1 Son lossing his first tooth. I’m glad it went well for all of you! I’m sure he’s pretty excited about the $10. I got a dime growing up for lossing a tooth.

Amy said...

Lori - I got a quarter!

Shark asked for a $20 but P said he didn't think that would happen.

Vodka Mom said...

I love that! What did the tooth fairy bring? It better NOT be more than $1.00, or you're in trouble.

Vodka Mom said...

wait. TEN BUCKS? TEN? man, are you screwed.

Cynthia said...

Holy moly...ten bucks! Good deal!

Heather said...

That first tooth is one of those OMG moments, isn't it.

My oldest already has those overlarge front teeth. Sigh

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Such a bittersweet milestone! But I concur with the others - he's super cute!

Amber said...

$10?!?!?! Oh Lord. I think I'm not going to tell my child about the tooth fairy. That or tell him/her that the tooth fairy ran out of money and only gives hugs from mommy as rewards lol.

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