Wordless Wednesday - Autumn Days


My Bear goes camping.

Thing 1

Thing 2


My future QB.

No fish. Only green slime.

Road trip!

Shark shoots.

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Happy Wednesday! You look so pretty today!


Rachel said...

The utter cuteness of those two is just overwhelming.
What on earth is on their head in the 'Thing' pictures?

Such beautiful boys.
Y'all make some gorgeous kiddos Amy.

Amy said...

rachel: The blue fuzzy wigs were being sold in the merchandise tent at Notre Dame the weekend we were there for a football game. We didn't buy one but let the boys try it on. Very Dr. Seuss!

I'm getting comments today on old Wordless Wednesdays instead of this one. It's really odd!

Lisa Dunick said...

I love those little cheeks!

siteseer said...

I love the road trip one. They sure look like they are up to something.

L D said...

Go Irish! At which game did you take those pictures?

Anonymous said...

They have gotten so big! Happy WW.

Amy said...

lk - ND / Stanford!! Woot woot!

We're also Vanderbilt fans and SO excited about them being RANKED. Vandy is RANKED. Un-freakin-believable!

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