Monkeys and Bears Need Cages

Shark Boy was almost two and a half the first time P and I heard the crash. It was actually more like the loud galoompf!!!!! of something heavy falling on the floor.

He had jumped out of his crib. After it happened the third time, we removed the front of the crib and made it a little bed (convertible cribs = YEAH). We weren't thrilled with his new ability to just get up and move around, but he was really old enough for it and we couldn't have him breaking a limb leaping out.

Bear has been climbing out of the crib for nearly a month now. But he has a totally different technique.

Whereas Shark would wake us with the sudden BAM! on the ceiling above our heads, causing us to jump up and make sure he survived the fall, Bear just appears in our room.

Walks in, looks at us lying there half awake, and with a flick of his hand says, "Hi."

He is totally silent. We've never seen him do it but he must swing his legs over and, hanging on the outside of the crib, shimmy down the front of it.

Seems less dangerous. Until you realize that unlike Shark, we don't know he is up and walking around unsupervised. (Here is where I'd post a picture of the crayon and marker art on my kitchen wall, if I had one.) Not to mention that since Bear is not even two yet, we really want him in that crib for another 8 months at least.

So, we caged him. I have a sortasister (what? you never heard of that?) who I know did this with one of her boys, and then a while back Rachel posted a picture of her caged monkey.

Bear happily played in his room while his Daddy and I built his escape-proof lid.

Little did he know...

But he quickly figured out...

Crib tents work, they are not cheap, they are not easy-peasy to install, and I may never be able to change the crib sheets again unless I stop using his expensive dry clean only whatwasIthinking? bumper pads that I love.

However, not having a toddler pulling on my hand at 5:15 a.m. saying, "Go! Go!"

Totally worth it.

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Vodka Mom said...

I remember the first time Sassy got out of her crib!!! I should've known THEN the trouble we were in for. AND I WISH they had invented that cool contraption when she was little.

Anonymous said...

DUDE...Those would have been nice for my kids...crap.

My oldest was 18 mos when she fell out the first and only time, then to a toddler bed. My youngest was 16 mos when he fell and got his leg caught. Toddler bed for him as well that night...dangit.

Jill said...

Oh, I have a feeling in a few months I'll be searching my Google reader for "crib cage" because Spike is a wannabe climber if I ever did see one. Rocco never even bothered. In fact, even after we got him in a big boy bed, it took literally months before he got out on his own without our "permission". It went something like this:

5 a.m.
Him: Moooooommmmmmmmmmy! I'm awaaaaaaaaakkkkke!
Me: It's too early. Go back to sleep.
5:15 am
Him: Moooooommmmmmmmmmy! I'm awaaaaaaaaakkkkke!
Me: It's too early. Go back to sleep.
Him: Moooooommmmmmmmmmy! I'm awaaaaaaaaakkkkke!
Me: It's too early. Go back to sleep.
Him: Mooooommmmmmmmmmy! I'm awaaaaaaaaakkkkke!
Me: It's too early. Go back to sleep.
6:00 a.m.
Him: Moooooommmmmmmmmmy! I'm awaaaaaaaaakkkkke!
Me: OK fine, come on in here. You can watch TV in mommy and daddy's room.

And thus began the long national nightmare of never sleeping past 6 a.m. ever again. Sigh.

josetteplank.com said...

I am totally all for any apparatus that makes parenting more easy short of duct-taping a kid to a chair.

In fact, I might even do that in a pinch...like if I were transferring boiling hot water and my child suddenly turned into a monkey.

But yes...crib tent...absolutely a life (sleep) saver.

Lori said...

Neither one of boys ever climbed out of their cribs. We were very lucky. We actually moved Surfer Dude into a regular old twin size bed when he was 12 months. He never roamed around. I look at The Princess now and can hardly imagine putting her in a regular bed. And she is almost 22 months.

So, when's Bear going to learn how to escape from the crib cage? I can see it in his eyes, he's already planning his escape.

Amy said...

jozet: ditto on the whatever works philosophy of parenting.

lori: 12 MONTHS? Woah. I'd keep mine in a crib til 12 years if I could. I am amazed he didn't walk around. Or fall out of bed.

Bear checked it out pretty well, but it's a serious baby jail. He's not getting out.

Jennifer said...

My son, 3, hasn't YET tried to climb out. We tried a big boy bed and he failed miserably, but I fear the day he tries to escape...

My daughter, 18 mos, has already got it in her head that she can get out. Luckily she's the size of a 12 month old so she really can't get enough leverage to get out.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had one of those for Max. He's 3 now and is in a big boy bed.
BTW, I love the giraffe on the wall.

Amy said...

ashlie: The giraffee is more awesome that photos can show. There are also small white giraffes, elephants, and zebras all around the wall in a border. (Pottery Barn Kids) The pale blue walls and white animals are very peaceful.

Anonymous said...

We moved Knute at 20 months. He'd never climbed out, but we felt like it was time. He still refuses to leave him bed until we get him. If he'd jumped out? I totally would've gotten the tent.

Thanks for the linky loo!

carrie said...

All my kids were climbers . . . if only I had known about this magical contraption back then.

Anonymous said...

The Little Imp will be 3 in December and she has never once climbed out of her crib. EVER. She's also the ONLY ONE OF MY KIDS to never do it.

For Christmas we're moving her to a toddler bed, if we can talk her into it, as she loathes the idea.

OK, now that I've gone and told the world she's never climbed out, I betcha tomorrow morning I hear a "thunk" and then there will either be tears, or a "Hi Mumma, can djuu get me some yogurt please?"

Michelle Smiles said...

I fear this day. I keep waiting for it to happen - I don't want her free! Her being captive allows me an extra 10 minutes in the morning to shower or brush my teeth or start the coffee.

Courtelle said...

Great idea!!!!

Lynn C Mama to 3 said...

That is genius. My little one (who is supersized... so not so little) can hurdle himself out of the crib with the stealth of a secret agent. Must go find cage lid stat!

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