You Know Etsy?

I've never shopped at Etsy (surfed around a little but never bought anything) and I need Christmas presents so would you mind terribly telling me which shops have great stuff?

Please comment with your favorites so I know where to start.

And include recommendations for men, please, the bain of my Christmas list.

Thank you for helping me and have a lovely Tuesday!


dawn224 said...

well. there's mine :) comfedoutkaiser.com (it links to etsy)

for yarn lovahs - laughingrat.etsy.com (I have lots of yarn peeps if you want more)

for men/tshirts - vigilantcomics.etsy.com (I love the monster eating the ducks "great for church and kids parties" LOL)

cottoncandyboutique.etsy.com has fab handbags - she's wrapped up taking new orders for xmas - unless you use my name, then she might bend :) (not really sure on that, but she should have ready made stuff in shop too)

howlingwolfsauces.etsy.com has bbq sauce - I haven't tried it, but I'm thinking I may get it for hubs stocking.

Same with tetoncocoacompany.com

(I'll post more - Alex needs nap now) - or you can go to comfedoutkaiser.com and look at my favorites -

dawn224 said...



more bags: bizzielizzie.etsy.com, tootieestelle.etsy.com

storage: tulipgirls.etsy.com

and just plain funny stuff - dippylulu.etsy.com

Burgh Baby said...

In order to give you links on Etsy, I would have to go to Etsy. When I go to Etsy, I tend to drop mad cash very quickly. Therefore, my wallet demands that I be uncooperative. Sorry!

Amy said...

Thanks dawn! I also found The Vintage Pearl - handstamped jewelry. Very pretty.

Sarahviz said...

The Vintage Pearl! I love Erin's stuff!

stephanie s. said...


super good site, i love the laptop sleeves. (delurking to send this to you!) hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

What are you looking for? Do you read Rocking Pony Karen? Her shop is on there & she's adorable for kid shirts. I just bought stuff from Babbin Bags & Klean (prolly good for your daughter) I got some custom ornaments from CutNGlue - they'd be cute for the boys. I've been coveting jewelry but haven't yet. I know someone who just bought from Nicole Lorentz Jewelry.

I hope that gets you started.

PMKU said...

There's lots of shops but I invite you to check out my lists on wishpot. I have etsy shops in there.


Nut Nut said...

I just bought three pendants and a ball chain for my friend's xmas gift from this store:


I really love the whole reusing objects idea, plus the pictures are just fantastic! I would recommend something from them.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I found this site tonight by accident. She does a cool Take Five Fridays series about Etsy finds!


Also, Erika Jurney's blog Try Handmade is a cool place for finds:


I bought some pretty embroidered towels from SewMade4U and I've bought a cute babie onesie from rockabyeretro, both on Etsy.

Etsy's addictive.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Greeblemonkey has a beautiful calendar I bought for my BIL. (Not sure what her URL is but search for greeblemonkey - you'll find her.)

Boys are the hardest to shop for - doesn't help I have three brothers and hubs has two! ACK!

Connie Krebs said...

Ok, here is my list of faves:

Mom's- Mommy business cards at www.ZenDesignStudio.etsy.com

Little Girls- Princess hair clip at www.2SistersHairGarden.etsy.com

Dog Lover- Barking License Pet ID tag at www.yappyhappy.etsy.com
(Seriously, this is an awesome gift!!)

Trendy Couple- His N Hers TATTOO HEART Cork Necklaces at www.uncorked.etsy.com

Cook- apron from www.sassyapron.etsy.com

Prankster- Dog Poop soap at www.loveleesoaps.etsy.com

Hope that this helps!!!!

SecondChanceChicken said...

The jewelery shops are my addiction. I love semi-precious stones and there are tons of shops with very reasonable prices. I recently bought a white turquiose necklace and earrings that I adore for $30.

I have totally enjoyed all the teams and networking on the site! Great Fun chatting with the whole indie crafting world!

I have a shop Quirky Dolls.I sell very easy doll craft kits and little whimsical dolls.

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