Island Sandwiches


This is a recipe from my husband's family. When he first told me about Island Sandwiches my eyebrows went up as if to say, "Really?" It's one of those recipes that sounds awfully strange, but somehow all the flavors work together and, weird as it is, you tuck right in!

Island Sandwiches

Fresh Pumpernickel bread
Roasted chicken
Hard boiled eggs
Sliced swiss cheese
Thousand Island dressing

Cover a slice of Pumpernickel with a layer of chicken. You domestic types can roast a bird. I buy a Wonder Roast at the grocery.

Layer bacon slices on next.

Next add a slice of swiss cheese and melt it in the microwave.

Slice your eggs with an adorable chicky slicer thingy.

Place egg slices on for your next layer.

Top with Thousand Island dressing. (Don't tell kids it is Thousand Island dressing. I don't know why it is repugnant to children, but it is. Tell them it's "special sauce.")

You'll need a knife and fork to eat it.


Dang y'all, I have a whole new respect for food photographers. I can't take a decent picture of anything edible.
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Anonymous said...

Okay. yum!
Well, all but the thousand island.. but you know what, I'd be willing to try this because you're recommending it.

Taking pics of food is HARD!!!! I usually take about 50 pictures and then whittle them down into the least offensive. Good natural lighting is key! Or really really good indoor lighting and flash.
you did good Amy!!

Mary said...

Wow, I came back to get all the chili ingredients, and now I'm contemplating these sandwiches!!
Thank You

Amy said...

Rachel - You got it exactly right! At the time of day (evening) I'm doing food shots in my kitchen the lighting isn't right. And I take only a handful of pics and just make do with them.

Mary - Welcome back!! And I hope you try both of these. They are easy and delish!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I think my husband would love this. I might have to try it for him sometime. Any excuse to buy a cute chicky egg slicer.

Anonymous said...

aw geez I totally love your chicky egg slicer!

I think the photos look great, maybe because that's what mine look like - haha! one blog I read revealed that she uses a homemade lightbox, which is cool, but I'm a little too anxious to eat!

Meg said...

Gosh sweetie, that looks amazing...think I need to go to the store now!

Hope you are well!

Vodka Mom said...

How the hell am I supposed to lose weight when you make me HUNGRY FOR BACON????

damn that looks good.

The Panic Room said...

find yourself the brightest window in your house and blast your food goodies with natural light. It will make a huge difference. Also if your camera has a white balance setting that is going to help a bunch. It looks like you have flurocent light in your kitchen? Anyway... light makes everything gorgeous. and there is no better source then the sun. Good luck.

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