Late Winter

Camel Tree Root

Is it me, or does this tree root look like a camel?

Spring Moss

The feel of soft green moss on the riverbank reminds me of childhood; playing in the shallows of a creek bed, enjoying the early spring sunshine.

Signs of Spring

Budding signs of Spring always make me think of Easter; re-birth, renewal, resurrection, new life.

Winter in Tennessee
Just weeks ago the view out my front door was decidedly gray and white.

Early Spring Trees

But the color is returning to our landscape. A beautiful black and blue in the weak winter sun.

What are your favorite signs of Spring?


Anonymous said...

I am dying to see signs of spring around here. *sigh* But I'm afraid it's a ways off...possibly JULY by the looks of things. I'm just excited that we've got our power back on after being without it for three days. We were sitting under 13" of fresh new snow too.

I think I seriously need a vacation somewhere warm, right about now.

Keep posting pictures of spring and green and colour,will ya? It's keeping me alive. *lol*

evenshine said...

Crocuses. Croci? Multiple buddings of the flower crocus, peeking through the pinestraw and old leaves. Talk about rebirth!

Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

The robins. We've had flocks of robins in our yard over the last week. They're just so cheerful!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I'm jealous of your tints of spring. We have 9 inches of snow forecasted for tonight so we've got NUTHIN yet!

Smoochiefrog said...

My favorite signs of spring are when the Crocus tips are seen peeking out of the snow. That means the Daffodils aren't too far behind! :)

I'm stopping by via Ohmommy.

I'm doing a little blog hopping via my favorite blogs' blogrolls. I chose your blog from Ohmommy's list.

Feel free to stop by my blog and see exactly what I'm doing: http://www.smoochiefrog.com/my_weblog/2009/02/stepping-out-of-my-box.html

Sheri @ www.careergirlinterrupted.com said...

well, it's warmer here - but that unfortunately brings the spring break crowd and the bikers for bike week at Daytona. They get all of our prime weather before it's gets so hot the lipstick slides right off of your lips.

Cynthia said...

I could go for some green up here. We are still cold, grey and dreary:(

OHmommy said...

Oh Amy... everytime I see a new bud I always think of re-birth. I love it. Bring on the spring!

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