Minor Owie

Wanna know what I hate? Comforting a crying toddler, then putting him back down to see him walking away with...

What is that?

Is that red paint?



Why yes, it IS blood.

Bear fell asleep in our bed, woke, and fell into the corner of the nightstand as he was getting up.

He had a little cut, but it was kind of deep. He really didn't want us to get a look at it. I only got the blood out (and some pictures, cause, well, the blog and all) by pouring water in his hair in the tub.


I watched him until it was time for bed, just out of general Mom-fear of putting a little one to sleep after a bump on the head. But he's fine!

Still, it turns the tummy to see your baby with blood on his preshus wittle head.

I could live without it ever happening again.


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor baby!

Those little head wounds sure do bleed a lot, huh?

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Once my son fell, I comforted him and he went on his way.
The next day my sister pointed out a black thing in his hair.
It was a huge chunk of dried blood. I couldn't believe I hadn't seen it before.
Talk about Mother Of The Year material!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy! :(

I guess at least it WAS blood. And not red Sharpie. Which I once found on my little one.

Yeah, when they say 'permanent' they MEAN 'permanent.'

Amy said...

mommypie - true! as long as he's not really hurt, at least I could wash it off!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I totally feel ya. I accidentally recently just rolled over my son's leg with my chair and it bled ... for an hour.

OH, the guilt.

Amy said...

MamaGeek - That is the worst of all - when you've caused the boo-boo yourself!

I've accidentally bopped and scratched all of them at least once or twice and it is awful.

Hubby banged poor Bear's head on the kitchen doorframe either the day before or the day after the blood incident. He didn't cry much about that though. Generally he has a really tough head.

Burgh Baby said...

OUCH! I'm not even sure who that hurt more--you or him. OUCH.

Rachel said...

awww poor baby. Poor mommy .

I've been there, you'll remember. I feel you. (hugs)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Those table corner hits are always scary! Glad he is OK. Poor Bear!

Unknown said...

Aaaah! I don't ever want to see that - on my child or anyone else's. Poor little guy!

designHER Momma said...

head wounds are scary! Especially on little blond boys! Glad everything is ok...

Anonymous said...

My son had several of those falling moments. The thing I hate worse than the blood is the thud when the little head hits something --one time the bathtub, another time the corner of a desk in my bedroom, another time the edge of a shopping cart. Then the screaming that follows just finishes me off! However, #1 son is now 22, and we both lived through it all.

MOMMY-MOMO said...

awwww poor guy. it happens, but i hate it :)

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