My Muddy Valentine

I was apart from my Valentine this year, and I missed him.

I had my little Valentines however. I took them to the park where I said eleventy-billion times "Do not get wet" and "Don't go in the water" and "Keep your feet dry."

But my boys love water; whether it's a lake or a mud puddle, if you take them near it you will find them in it.

Rock throwing and stick poking. (How much did we spend on toys this Christmas? ~sigh~)

My father would perhaps call this fallen tree a natural play gym. Wooden play gyms in the backyards of suburbia run about $3500. On average. (~sigh~)

The bikes took a backseat to the river and it's muddy banks, but Bear did get to break in his new birthday tricycle.

It was a pleasant Valentine's Day.

But there was a pair of strong arms whose warm embrace I missed very much. I am eager to catch up come Sunday.

I love you Mr. P. (The boys love you too!)

Random extra cute picture:


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! (a day late)
Those pictures are darlin'!! It's so much better that they'd rather play in nature than with store bought.

LOVE that last picture. He is getting so big!! Looking so much like a little boy instead of a chubbalicious little toddler *sniff*

Carrie said...

love the last picture- he is a cutie!

Anonymous said...

trees are way better than jungle gyms

Amy said...

wheels - I totally agree. We have a play gym, and unfortunately the trees in our backyard are pines and no good for climbing.

Kelly said...

Hudson is out on his tricycle right now with his Dad. Sometimes they never even make it to the playground they are having so much fun riding.

evenshine said...

LOVING the dirty kids. And the golden shoes. So incongruous, yet so true.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Oh. My. God. They are TOO CUTE!!!

It was great to meet you...still need to email you my shoe post!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

The picture of the baby at the end? TOO PERFECT! Boy just love dirt, hon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Family Day from a not so muddy mama

Burgh Baby said...

Now that's an excellent way to spend Valentine's Day, although it totally would have been better if Mr. P had been there. Much better than waiting hours for dinner at a restaurant, though!

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