New York New York

New York City broke out with swine flu while we were there. Also, that low-flying plane like 3 feet from the World Trade Center site (WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?) situation happened the day after we left. (I do not believe I would have handled that very well had it happened when I was there. Those poor people.) So, it lives up to it's reputation as an exciting place to be. Marinka will be proud to know that I did not at all mistake the streets of NYC for a meadow. Except this one time.

Times Square

But they sort of provide a little concrete meadow in the middle of Times Square, so I stopped. We went to Wall Street and saw the sites there: German Shepherd dogs and men with machine guns.

Wall Street

(That moustache is not real. I just don't want him to hunt me down and have to kill me for posting his photo. Y'all, that's a mighty large weapon he's got there.)

The first thing I saw on the first day in Manhattan when I emerged from the Path station at the WTC was a large group of Amish men drinking Starbucks.

Amish in NY

See? I could never make that up.

Where else can you see Amish people and men with automatic weapons at the same time, just blocks from each other? NYC.

We went to Tavern on the Green in Central Park. It is sooooo pretty. We sat on the patio and spent $120 (!) on lunch (which was yummy, including the Bellinis, made with Prosecco, Peach Puree, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur) and when you look up at the beautiful blue sky you see this:


There are beautiful tulips all over the city right now.

Spring tulip

The sight of her is always a thrill. (It's a thrill of a different sort when she's being buzzed by fighter jets, I suspect.)

Liberty 2

I will do another NYC edition post about seeing Matthew Broderick, more about food (we ate a lot), and about the one thing I cannot seem to learn about travel to A Big City.


mo.stoneskin said...

I cannot believe the Amish are drinking Starbucks now. That's clearly wrong, and I, of course, know everything about the Amish and what they can and can't do!

Rachel said...

I had a clever comment, but I was struck dumb by the hot lovely amazingness of your new design.
Audrey meets Amy.

Love it.


Pop and Ice said...

Oh, I love eating at outside cafes when the weather turns. And I want a closer look at those shoes you are wearing. They look adorable! Your photos are great and make me wish to take a mini vacation.

Christine said...

Having grown up just outside "the city" I love hearing about other peoples experiences when they visit. I spend most of my adult life missing it and rightfully so. Glad you had fun.

OHmommy said...

Oh no. You didn't shop at all?

Well... at least you ate well. Sounds awesome.

Amy said...

mo. - I was really surprised too but I can't clearly say why. Weird.

Rachel - Awesome no? Thank you - but really I can't take credit - it was Nap Warden all the way!

Pop and Ice - Those shoes are part of NYC installment two.

Christine - I don't blame you for missing it. I love to visit NYC!

OHmommy - Tragic really. (deep heavy sigh)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Oh FUN! The Amish men drinking Starbucks cracks me up. At least you ate well...

Looking forward to reading about Matthew Broderick!!!!

Marinka said...

LOLOLOL! Sounds like a great trip aside from the whole no shopping/swine flu thing.

Thank you for not meadowing the side walks!

Love your new design! can't wait for part deux

ShallowGal said...

Good thinking, giving military man that fake mustache!

Cynthia said...

Odd...the first time I went to NY, I saw a pack of Amish folks as well...

I love me some NY!

Soliloquy said...

NYC is a fabulous melting pot of the world's most unique inhabitants, to be sure.

NO shopping?? Are you for real???

Sounds like you ate and drank those Manolos instead!

Great pics. I wish mine turned out like that.....

Amy said...

Soliloquy - We easily ate 1.5 pairs of Manolos. sigh

I should have insisted we eat at McDonalds a few times and just please let me run into Barney's for 10 minutes. (But that's not much fun for Mr. Smith.)

evenshine said...

HOW much fun are you in New York??? I was born there, so you were in my barrio. And Manolos be damned. Amish men, Starbucks and collagen lips are enough for any woman.

And LOVE the new design. Change is possible! We can do it!

Jill said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I haven't been to NYC in ages and when I did go it was always for work. I need to go just to be a tourist one of these days. Great coat, by the way!! Where did you get that?

Rima said...

You are developing some mad photography skillz there, Angelina! But I can't believe you didn't shop. Really? Like, really? Can't wait to hear about Matthew Broderick!

Amy said...

evenshine - Had no idea you were from NYC!

Jill - That adorable coat is from -- wait for it -- TARGET. I posted a photo when I bought it and a reader went out and bought 2 coats from them.

I'm still waiting to hear from Target re: my sponsorship deal.

Rima - Thanks re: the photography! It's going to be my new serious hobby I think.

Anonymous said...

Only been there once but I liked it. Wouldn't want to live there, too many tall buildings, but visiting was nice.

PMKU said...

Thanks for putting me in a great mood! I love New York. It's such a fun place to visit.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the tulip pic AND your new design! Beauteous!


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