Shark's Fake Birthday

Class Party

At Shark Boy's school they do fake birthdays for the kids with summer birthdays, so they get to have a day to bring snacks and have their classmates sing to them. Today was Shark's fake 7th birthday.

I came with Star Wars cupcakes, which were a big hit. I got some cute pictures but they all have other people's kids in them so they can't go up here.* But Mrs. B took this one of me and my baby(NOhecan'tbeseven)!

On the way home from school Shark said he didn't want to graduate to second grade. He looked very sad about the whole thing. I asked why and he gave that classic kid answer:


Ok, I can play that. I said,

"Cause why? All your friends will be going to second grade with you."

"Not everyone is going. I want to stay in first grade," he told me.

"Who isn't going?"

He cast his eyes down, glanced up at me all trembly, and looked down again.

"Oh," I said. "Mrs. B. isn't going. You want to stay with her?"

He nodded.

As sad as he was about it, I was really happy that he has someone who has been so attentive, so caring, and so special to him.

A good teacher is a precious thing in a child's life. I'm glad he'll miss her so much. (And she'll only be right next door.)

I cannot believe first grade is nearly over. Second grade sounds so "big." I will probably cry with him.


Do my braces clash with that necklace? Like it matters. My last appointment came and went with no mention of prying those suckers off, and I didn't ask. Know why? The appointment started with the orthodontist taking a metal file and sliding it up and down and up and down between my two front teeth. You know, to shave them a little and make a smidgen of room there. You don't ask many questions after something like that because you are trying not to faint.


*T's Mom said I could show his cute little face here.


Pop and Ice said...

Oh, yee gads, don't talk to me about teeth. Especially teeth and files! My teeth are having sympathy pains already. I didn't even notice you had braces until you mentioned it so.....it's only you who is worried!

Adorable picture of you and Shark!

Amo said...

Honestly, I was too busy noticing how radiant you were! Your teeth look gorgeous.

My kids will never have mommy looking that good when she comes to visit school...poor boys.

Anonymous said...

It's a great photo.

I was a little nervous because MY seven year old was reading over my shoulder, but I guess if she has any qualms about leaving Miss. L, I can remind her that she isn't alone.

I had orthodontia as a pre-teen, and unfortunately, over the years, my teeth have shifted and I could really use a do-over, but the thought of going through it again turns my insides to jelly.

purejoy said...

sorry, i would have commented sooner, but i did faint! yikes!
and what a blessing to be able to enjoy a fake birthday. here in knoxville the administration has gone all nazi death camp (no offense, please) and has restricted snacks to carrot and celery sticks. i think it's even illegal to have little fun umbrellas stuck in them. for real. no snacks with sugar. but they can load the lunch line with about anything with PHO. or hot dogs (not even sure what those things ARE).
so even though it means ur little man is growing up, at least he gets to celebrate the way God intended. . . with mounds of sugary-artery-clogging frosting.

Amy said...

Pop and Amo - Thanks! (I need a haircut, which is doubly bad because I just had one. I don't know what happened there.)

de - A lot of people have told me they had braces then their teeth shifted as adults. It makes me feel very deathly serious about wearing my retainer. Forever.

Purejoy - Carrots and celery even for birthdays? That's just wrong. Let them be kids and have a cupcake on their birthday for heaven's sake. (I don't know what the public school policy is in Nashville on this - we are in parochial school.)

Loukia said...

Wow, 7, huh? That's nice that the children with summer birthdays are able to celebrate with their classmates before school lets out for the summer!

Your boy is very handsome!
And you look great, too.

It's great that he liked his teacher so much. I hope it's the same with my boys when they start school. My oldest starts kindergarten in September. I am freaking out just thinking about it!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I didn't even notice you had braces until I read your footnote.

BTW, teachers miss their kids too. I am always glad for June, but I mourn sending my kids onto middle school. I really see very few of them ever again.

When cash is a little more flowy, I hope to get braces to realign my bottom teeth once again. I can't believe I just wrote that--eek!

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

So very true. I was extremely fortunate to have wonderful teachers most of the way through school. If it hadn't been for them, I probably would not be here today...

PMKU said...

Star Wars cupcakes, so basically you are now the coolest mom on the planet!

Unknown said...

Oh, that's so sweet that he loves his teacher! Hopefully his next teacher will be just as great.

Marinka said...

great picture! Except I can't see the braces.

That is so sweet that he doesn't want to leave his teacher. Not as sweet as the cupcakes, of course, but still.

Happy Fake 7!

Anonymous said...

your blog looks great

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I love this picture of ya'll! I think your braces are very subtle, just for what it's worth.

Miss C had her first grade program last Tuesday and I honestly cannot hear them reading this one poem or singing the sweet ending program without starting to cry. I don't even want to think about 7 or 2nd grade yet. Too much. Sniff.

Cynthia said...

What a great idea for summer birthday kiddos! Yummy cupcake:P

Life As I Know It said...

My son is finishing up First Grade this year as well and I am hoping upon all hope that he has another great teacher next year. Makes all the difference!

evenshine said...

Sagas of orthodontia. Love it. Congrats on a fake milestone!

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