I Can Do Anything

So for over a week now I've been able to do whatever I want.

Sitting at my desk at the end of the work day I suddenly realize:

I can finish whatever I'm in the middle of even if it takes another hour.
I can go get my nails done.
I can go to a movie.*
I can go shoe shopping.
I can go have coffee with a friend.
I can go home and paint the bathroom.
I can go home and read my book or take a bath or drink Mint Juleps or just go straight to bed.*

It's really WEIRD. I feel free and relieved of some pressure, but also at loose ends and kind of bored.

My boys have been traveling with my parents and won't be back until Friday. Eleven days. It's a long time without my boys.

I think I should have enjoyed it more, but it sort of sucked the energy out of me. I expected to stay busy getting things done that children underfoot prevent (like painting that bathroom), but instead I've counted the days until they return - bustling and shoving and Bear standing in the dog's water dish and Shark carefully lining the edge of my Jacuzzi with a triple row of plastic sharks while SpongeBob and Patrick blare in the background.

Messy, loud, and stressful. And I miss it.

I miss them.

Bear Swimming

I want to squeeze this chub.

Shark At Beach

I want to make this handsome little guy hold still for a hug.

Because I've not been able to figure out how to get off the dime with this discomforting freedom, I now have to cram a bunch of stuff into the next 2 days, including birthday party planning and painting that darn bathroom.

Next year I want them to be with my parents for 2 weeks and not at camp/day care but one week of it might have to be here at home. Or near here, so I can visit.

Being able to do whatever you want for more than 2 consecutive days (when not on vacation) is overrated.

*The only things I actually have done.


Pop and Ice said...

"I want to squeeze this chub." What an adorable Mom phrase. Coin it and patent it - whatever. You know what to do!

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

The thought of having eleven child free days sounds fabulous. However, like you say the reality isn't all that.

Hopefully you can squeeze that chub soon - HA

Sheri @ www.careergirlinterrupted.com said...

I fly my kids up on July 19th for 2 weeks at camp grandparents and i know what you mean - all these great ideas for the time and then i end up calling them a million times just to hear their voice.

Unknown said...

I always plan a list of things I'm certain I'll get done when the girls are gone, but it never happens. Theres just something about the chaos that is my life that seems odd when missing.
Hope you enjoy your last two days of freedom...

Life As I Know It said...

Yeah, I agree. I always miss my kids after the first two days of being away (and we only go away once a year!).

Ellen aka Ellie said...

When my son used to go with his dad every other weekend, I'd get everything done that I had waited to do. Of course, that was the first hour of my weekend. I then waited for him to return for the other 40+ hours.

Actually, I did go to movies, read books, work more, but it was just killing time.

Amy said...

Ellie - I normally LOVE LOVE to not have to do pick ups at the end of the day in rush hour traffic, or a weekend of peace and quiet would sound awesome! And I think with a weekend, I could be motivated to get things done because it's not much time.

This has been a little long for me.

Amo said...

Bonus was gone for five days last month and I SWEAR every single time I called, he told me he was too busy to talk to me. Now don't get me wrong, independence is cool and all that, but GIVE MOMMA A BREAK!

I did sneak in a kissie when I finally saw him though.

And then he immediately hit his brother. It had been 5 days afterall...

Amy said...

Amo - I'm waiting for that. That moment when they do something awful and I think "was I nuts last week to think I missed this?"

It'll happen.

Jill said...

My boys will be with my parents for a week in July. I always have high hopes for what I'll get done, but I ususally just end up crashing early and enjoying the fact I don't have to pick up toys everyday.

PMKU said...

This is so sweet! It's nice to have a break but 11 days is a loooong time.

Michele R said...

I hear ya on the being alone. At this moment my husband took the boys to FL to stay with my MIL and be at the beach all day....but I have to work. When they left I really missed them but have to say cooking for me at night and watching TV alone has been great. Then I am bad and stay up late surfing the web or reading a book and then drag into work the next day. I keep thinking I will use the time to deep clean the house, clean fridge, etc. but hasn't happened yet.

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