Heart Land

I took this picture of the lovely Kentucky countryside last weekend.

Kentucky Countryside

I like farms a lot. I like farm houses, I like barns, I like to plant and grow things, I like farm animals. I romanticize farm life and imagine myself easily living that life. Gingham curtains and jelly jars and house dresses.

OK, so not house dresses. But I could learn to live in a pair of Levis. (I see you over there, in the corner, smirking and making your Green Acres joke.)


My husband's family are beach people. This is a picture of the beach he grew up on. It is lovely and I enjoy visiting there.

However, I do not dream of living at the beach.


This is the place that, so far, of the places I've seen, has made me weep.

Not in sadness, of course, but the weepy you get from being overwhelmed and awed and humbled by something so beautiful you can't look and you can't look away and you hear God whispering in the air and your soul recognizes something you've never seen before.

Tears literally pricked my eyes when I first saw these mountains.


I would happily live right here, on the banks of this stream.


I would ride Saucy here instead of driving my SUV.

I think I'm a mountain girl.

There's this too:

Buchskin Gulch 120

Deserts and canyons. Always an option and I certainly love this part of the west, even the parts that look for all the world like the surface of Mars.

Buchskin Gulch Rattlesnake

Soon, I'm going to blog about this photo I took. I did not use a zoom lens by the way, and it was most certainly not taken in a zoo. Good story.

Mountains or beaches? What place holds your heart?


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Between those two, I'd go with mountains. I've never been much of a beach person, but absolutely loved the cabin in the woods where I spent last week!

Jodi S said...

I'm more of a beach kinda girl. But I'd really like to be anywhere that Tim Allen talks about on the Pure Michigan commercials. Who would of thought he has such a great voice. Yum!

Amo said...

I grew up in East Tennessee and while those aren't HUGE and GRAND mountains like those I covet in Montana, they were home.

I now live two hours from the beach and can't stand it. I miss the ridges and valleys; I long to hop in the car and be deep in the forest in 45 minutes.

So, yeah, I'm a mountain girl.


purejoy said...

ohhhhh i live in the mountains (well, almost, i live in knoxville, but my inlaws live in gatlinburg, so we have anytime access) and looooooove the beach. i'd love to live here and have a delightful little place on hunting island or fripp island. you know, a place where you go to the beach and there are no restaurants or putt putt or outlet mall.
yes. i said it. no restaurants. no shopping. just give me a krogers 20 miles away.
the best of both worlds!
i was in colorado two weeks ago and had the pleasure of seeing the "other mountains." awesome. majestic. breathtaking.

Amy said...

Just fyi the pics are of:

Lebananon, Kentucky
Perdido Key, Florida
Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park, Estes Park, Colorado
Paria Canyon/Buckskin Gulch, Utah/Arizona border

(The last two are gritty looking because there was dust in my camera.)

Loukia said...

I LOVE the first 4 pictures so much! Wow... beautiful!

Michele R said...

I have thought of this a lot and both places bring me pleasure. Ideally I would like to be able to have a home near the beach and one in the mountains too. And then have friends and grandkids visit us at both one day. Luckily hubs agrees. He is one of those people who has to get into the ocean once or twice a year to be truly happy. But there are so many kinds of beaches. I have great memories of the Gulf coast of Florida. He likes the east coast of FL. The boys do too for the waves. I grew up by the Pacific but I do not miss that huge beach and cold water.
I have to say even after the majestic Rockies, driving back through TN made me say out loud that the Smokies and the green, lush hills are really beautiful too.

Amy said...

Michele - I love the eastern mountains too. Any mountains. But it was the Rockies that made me cry!

Sarahviz said...

Beach - for sure. I am completely at peace when I am surrounded by palm trees.

When I was in CO and saw the Rockies for the first time my thoughts were as follows:

(1) "Meh" and then (2)"Damn, it's hard to breathe."

So yeah...beach.

Amy said...

Trenches - "meh"??? MEH??? O.M.G.

Mountains smell so fresh and clean and pure and beaches smell like fish.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I love the beach and can totally fantasize about having a gorgeous house on the coast, maybe in coastal Georgia or South Carolina. There's a lovely place near Amelia Island called Fernandina Beach. I could totally live there.

BUT I have to say that mountain stream photo you posted is beautifully breathtaking. I have only been to Arizona once. Loved it, though.

Michele R said...

Amy, the air was amazing in CO. The first night we went to the Alluvial Fan area and took just a little walk and I could not believe it. I agree on the making one cry to look at it.
And is the stream photo from the Moraine Park area? That area has this strong stream that meanders all over the place. I could sit by it in a lounge all day long and be happy. I Loved the gushing stream/river that goes all though the town. If I was with a girlfriend I'd spend time at the wine/sheese place but didn't do it this time.

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Definitely mountains for me, with the occasional beach vacation! Can't wait to hear about the snake!

Amy said...

Michele - Yes, it's Moraine Park. I have gorgeous pictures of my kids playing in that stream, and of enormous elk eating near that stream, and one ridiculous picture of me in waders the day I was taught by two PhD's in Bibilcal Studies how to fly fish in that stream.

(Perhaps it's clear to me now that I don't blog my best stories.)

LeahBear said...

I'm a mountain girl too. I love my beautiful Blue Ridge mountains - they're small, but they're old and soulful and full of history.

I love the beach too (so much!) but given the choice of where to live, I'd choose the mountains in a heartbeat!

Meadowlark said...

I am not a fan of the beach... the constant roar of the ocean makes me want to drive a spike through my head.

Nothing too flat and I need to be able to see peaks in the distance or I get stressed.

Wheat, rolling hills, absolute silence, those are my necessities. Linda has some shots of the perfect place http://www.flickr.com/photos/23875609@N06/3616729131/

Amy said...

Quite frankly, I'm stunned the mountains are winning. I was SURE I'd get 80% BEACH FOR ME PLEASE responses!

We need a Mommy Blogger Ranch Retreat. Who lives on a ranch and would like to host us?

Meadowlark - Those pictures are awesome. Thanks for the link!

Michele R said...

Amy, LOL about the stories. I will surely have to go back to RMNP. That is neat about the fly fishing. What month were you there for your visit(s)

rubbish said...

Anywhere as long as there are no snakes.
Ever been bitten by one?

Melizzard said...

It is a requirement that I live near the beach and it is a requirement that I vacation in the mountains. My husband abides by these rules.

Amy said...

Michele - I've been three times, always in July or August.

rubbish - NO, never. But my son pulled one out of the woodpile in our back yard to play with and it got annoyed by this (surprise!) and bit him. It was only a garden snake and he didn't cry or ask for a bandaid. Still- OMG!

Melizzard - I'm the opposite. I want to live in the mountains and go to the beach on vacation.

Lisa Dunick said...

One of my favorite places in the entire world is Sardinia-- you lay on a beach with mountains rising up behind you. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I'm a prairie girl myself but I love Alaska (only in the summer). Snakes are a part of life here but I still hate the things. Thanks for stopping by my Flickr site today and commenting too b.t.w.

Momo Fali said...

Beaches for sure. I love the sun, the surf, even the smell!

Anonymous said...

Back in '94, my husband and I went out to CO to scout for a house. Not only were the prices INSANE then, but we didn't love it. It was beautiful, but not a place where I could live. However, every single time I come down Beach Rd. in Orleans, MA, crest the last hill and see the ocean, I catch my breath, even if it's twice in the same day.

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