A Long Arc Through Starry Skies

This is my favorite picture of my husband.

Mr. P in NYC

I took it in New York City when he wasn’t looking. I watched him for a moment, standing there looking out over the water, and I wondered what he was thinking about.

I do that all the time; wonder what he’s thinking of.

I like this because it captures him well. He's a pretty serious man, with a strong profile and a broad strong back and a strong mind and really strong forearms. I love his forearms.

Did I mention that he's strong? It isn't very feminist of me, but I do like that he could toss me over his shoulder and take me back to his cave, like it or not.

(I'd like it.)

Mr P sailing

This picture I took last year and I love it. Here I've gotten artsy with it, to add drama and perhaps capture something about me in this photo; something of what I feel when I look at my husband here.

He's sailing. Looking at some distant point, there is a destination that he's moving towards. A future. The boat rocks, as boats do, but overall it's calm. I feel safe no matter how rough it gets. He will be there, always. He is the kind of man who will get us to our destination. He is my harbor and my heart swivels like a compass to find it's true north in him.

True north is not the same as magnetic north (the North Pole). True north rotates in an arc that takes over 25,000 years to complete and is marked by the stars in the skies. Something in there feels like one of the many possible descriptions of how I love him.

long pause in typing............

Wow, this got Hallmarky.

But I think I'll hit Publish anyway because it's true nonetheless.

Happy Birthday P.

I love you always.



Unknown said...

Hallmarky or not, that was one of the sweetest posts I've read. Happy Birthday to your husband...he sounds like a great guy. Pretty cute, too. ;)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby. What a wonderful post-I could really feel the emotion in it.

P.S. I like the whole strong arms about my hubby too!

mo.stoneskin said...

I like him already. He's clearly found out the secret that beer gives strength.

Amy said...

mo. - HA! I wondered who would be distracted by the Sam's Summer Ale! If I knew Photoshop I'd have shopped those things out of there so they didn't mess up my "vibe" - heh.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post & he is lucky that you can articulate so well your feelings -- though I think I remember last year you fumbling around for gift ideas -- I always feel that I can not come anywhere near showing or telling my husband how I feel.

Stacey said...

This doesn't make me vomitty in the slightest.

It's sweet. It's as it should be.

I know there's going to be some major bow chicka wow, wow at the case de milk breath & margaritas tonight.

Go girl!

Amy said...

de - He is REALLY hard to buy for! That never changes!

Anonymous said...

That was such a great Hallmarky post! Happy birthday to your hubby. He's got good taste in beer!

Sheri @ www.careergirlinterrupted.com said...

what a sweet post - and what a good photog you are - great pics Amy!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I always enjoy pictures that are truly candid and not straight on. He looks pensive in both, and that's hard to capture.

Syrupy words aside (and they weren't, I'm just teasing), your photos spoke love.

Rachel said...


smooshy and stuff!

I love that my hubby is stronger than I and could go all cave man on me, if need be ;-) (or, if the desire struck)

HAppy Birthday to him!!!

Michelle Smiles said...

Sweet :)

So many of us on the web use our husbands as the butt of our jokes...always nice to see love and mush instead.

Pop and Ice said...

Ummmmmm........I like the caveman stuff, too. Don't care who knows it, either.

And great photos, too!

Loukia said...

Aww, beautiful, lovely post. And great pictures of your husband, too!

Amo said...

That's precious. My husband's strength is one of my favorite characteristics.

Thanks for sharing him with us!

Michele R said...

great post!! And ditto on the strong back and forearms. And a Gemini too!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Love this post and the beautiful photos of your husband! Happy Belated birthday to your hubby.

He sails and he loves beer and he could throw you over his shoulder? I've never met Mr. P but I like him already! ;)

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Great pics! Great post! As always.

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