What Color Would You Paint These Rooms?

I walked into the fabric store and fell arse over teakettle in love with a robin's egg blue fabric.

Working with the drapery designer, we selected it for the formal dining room and living room drapes, trimming it with a blue and gold/cream stripe fabric. We used the blue/gold/cream stripe to cover a wing chair in the living room, and chose a lighter blue with a small gold dot for the formal sofa. Another accent chair was covered in gold shantung silk.

Note: If you have children, don't cover furniture in shantung silk. That's just stupid. A child will start crying and snotting about some perceived injustice like not being allowed outside rightthisverysecond and, in despair, he will mash his little wailing snotty face into the seat of your silk chair.

Oh yes he did.

Anyway, here is my problem. The rooms don't POP. The walls are sort of a vanilla color which is lovely and really matches the fabrics, but it's all a little bland.

dining room

It needs a strong third color incorporated somehow, and I think the walls should be a color that makes the blue really shine.



The tablecloth doesn't always match the drapes. (And sometimes it's ironed too!) I have several colors of tablecloths and none of them fix my problem or give me any ideas for wall color.

So it's up to you. What would you do?

(My china is cream with blue, and gold trim. It's a theme!)

Additional Note: These drapes were hung in 2006. That's how long I've been wondering what color to paint these walls. Halp!


Melizzard said...

It's hard to tell in the pictures but I'd work towards something with more yellow in it if you want to bring out the blue - you'll get contrast that way.

Maybe something more "butter" than "vanilla" ... says they girl with "asparagus" on her dining room walls.

Burgh Baby said...

Hrm. I would find the darkest gold in the trim on the drapes and run with it. If you paint the walls blue, the drapes will disappear. The darker gold will help them pop.

If you're brave, you could paint the ceiling the same shade of blue as the curtains. It would make things pop.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Maybe a darker taupey color?

And TAUPEY is too a word. Seriously. ;)

This sounds like a great post for The Nester. I admittedly don't have much decorating juju.

PsychMamma said...

I'd do a dark, rich chocolate accent wall - maybe the one with the windows. It'd be gorgeous with that shade of blue, and the dark woodwork.

Amy said...

Melizzard - It sounds like you have yummy taste!

Burgh Baby - That is an excellent suggetion - the gold. I'll pick up samples of that color.

Blonde Mom - Our bedroom is "taupy" defined. It's enough taupe for me quite frankly.

PsychMamma - The light blue and chocolate is a combo I love - it's what I did in my little boy's nursery! If I paint the living and dining rooms chocolate Mr. P will shoot me though.

Smoochiefrog said...

I was thinking a gold color would look great.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I have blue curtains in several rooms of my house and I love how they look with gold or yellow walls... they pop!

Anonymous said...

Since you have already nixed the chocolate, I'll get on board with the gold. We used Benjamin Moore's Concord Ivory, & it's heavenly.


(They're saying this is BM Barley, but this is what color my walls are with Concord Ivory.)

Amy said...

de - Oh that's pretty! I'll maybe get a sample can and paint a big patch and see what it looks like.

I worry about chocolate. I've seen it look really elegant and rich and I've seen it look like poop. And the rest of the house is light and airy, so chocolate seems too dark.

Megan said...

Must you use paint, or are you at all open to wallpaper? For a formal dining room a lovely paper with chocolate and blue accents on an opalescent background might be lovely.

Amy said...

Megan - I would love wallpaper actually. I always think about shopping for houses and despising the wallpaper people have put up and how I'd have to strip it all. (I HATE the wallpaper in my kitchen right now, which I did not put there.)

But we aren't planning to sell so I don't know why I'm not considering wallpaper. Hum...

rubbish said...

I'd get rid of the gold fish bowls on the dining table. Don't they put you off when you're eating, swimming around just staring at you?

Amy said...

rubbish dear - those are filled with seashells we collected on our beach. It's "summery" looking, you see. No fish were harmed in the making of those centerpieces.

Jana said...

I am going to back the gold horse. Our living room walls are a deep gold and they are just lovely (although our accent colors are red and green). Check out some of Benjamin Moore's historic colors, they have some really nice deep golds there.

Sheri @ www.careergirlinterrupted.com said...

Amy - giiirrrrrllllllll, you are a formal little thing, aren't you?? I feel like tea at 4pm. :-) Beautiful room - and i love the robin's egg blue.

First of all, chocolate is in MY dining room - and i echo the sentiment that it goes fab with blue - BUT i get the poop factor.

Here - check out the historic homes colors from Valspar - these specifically -
3008-6A (carolina inn crossroads gold) 3007-8A (carolina inn Brass)
3002-9C (Cincinnatian Hotel Carl Tan)and 3003-5C (Homestead Resort Accent Gold)

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I agree with Melizzard.

But then, we all know that I am the LAST person to ask about paint colour...you do recall don't you that it took me painting my kitchen FOUR times before I FINALLY settled on a colour I really liked.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I freaking hate people who have nice, pretty, museum-like houses.


Did I just say that outloud? Craaap.

Uh...so, really, seriously...I like the chocolate idea. Go for it! And post photos of the results, of course!

Amy said...

Lisa - HA! You read the part about the snot, right?

These are the "good rooms" and trust me - the rest is extremely lived in! See post from April titled DAMAGE:


Anonymous said...

I saw this room and immediately thought chocolate brown!! (we just did my daughter's room brown & pink).

If you don't want it that dark, maybe a creamy brown like chocolate milk color.

Good luck!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I'd forgo the table cloth for mats to get the contrast of the wood to the walls.

Also, I'm kind of a dish geek. Who made you china and what pattern is it?

Pop and Ice said...

You really don't want my help. I had my hair stylist over to pick the colors for my Dining Room figuring she was better choosing at color than me.

Amy said...

Ellen - the tablecloth with a table pad underneath is a daily must because typically there is a ton of STUFF all over that table! It would be ruined without a covering. It does look prettier without the tablecloth though.

I use two sets of china - Lenox Eternal - cream with wide gold band. Also, Lenox Autumn which is cream with blue and a touch of yellow and coral, and wide gold banding. It matches Eternal so I can combine sets if need be.

Bottom of this post is pic of tea cup.


Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

What about a dark blue? I know that's a lot of blue for one room, but a dark blue would really make the lighter blue pop.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I worked registering brides at Marshall Field's and am familiar with both classic patterns. Lovely.

Gotcha on the cloth.

I'm not a fan of chocolate brown walls for every room--in this case way too trendy for the classic look you've almost got. When I was single, my walls were a buttery gold, and in the daytime they shone and at night they were so warm and cozy. I loved that color--not the GOLD that's everywhere now, but a more buttery (as has been suggested).

How fun!

We're painting our garage white this summer, don't think I'll be blogging in search of shade suggestions on that one!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking a dark taupe too when I saw the pictures. I love Robin's Egg blue. My bedroom is that color.

Lori said...

I got nothing...

I'm terrible at decorating.

I'm dreading picking a color for the boys' room this summer.

MJ said...

If chocolate won't work try a creamy mocha!

Michele R said...

I could hurt somebody for chocolate or mocha dessert right now-- y'all have made me hungry!

Leisa Hammett said...

Quick, first-2-spring up thoughts: double the plates and they won't be so lost - one atop of the other. Even if they're the same. But, then you didn't ask that. I'm okay w/ the color. But, maybe, if a shade lighter, paint the molding blue? Good luck. Amy, you amaze me?!

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