Are You Ready For Some Football?

Shark Boy went to football camp for the first time this summer.

Meeting the Team

He suited up to meet his teammates. Is it just me or do most of them look at lot bigger than him?


He practiced on a professional grade field, astro-turf and all. This facility was so good the Titans would be jealous.

Shark learns to tackle

He learned to tackle.

Shark gets tackled

He learned to get tackled.


The peanut gallery. There is nothing like a good snack during the game.

Kick Off

It was so much fun to watch him.

Ready for some Football

A classic pose. Or stance. It's probably a stance.


Oh look! The little guy breaks away unnoticed and TOUCHDOWN!

Bear football

A victory lap!

Shark's football eyes

Football camp was a success. Even though he drew eye black under his eyes with blue marker before I caught him and he wouldn't let me scrub it off until the last day of camp.

Shark Boy leaves the field

He's my favorite football player of all time.

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Lori said...

This just isn't right. He can not be old enough for football camp. That means mine is old enough and I'm not ready for that.

He looks adorable! ahem, I mean handsome, no, tough. Tough, rugged, unstoppable


2 Little Irish Boys said...

Oh, what great pictures. I love your comment about pose---I mean stance!
I guess football can be fun and bittersweet all at the same time, huh?

Amy said...

Lori - I know! So hard to believe!

Vikki - Football was a blast to watch but you are right - a little bittersweet too.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I love the blue "eyeblack." So tough!

Anonymous said...

My little one (age 4) has been on an extended growth spurt. I hardly recognize him. Seeing these pictures makes me think football might be a good idea for him in a few years.

Here, and probably all over, it seems like martial arts are the thing. What's your take?

Rima said...

He looks like a natural!

I think he's my favorite football player, too.

evenshine said...

They are all giants except him!!?? But absolutely freakin cute.

Sincerely Iowa said...

Oh my gosh! I love love LOVE the eye black (or blue?) lol Too cute!

Amy said...

de - He did karate for a year. It's good exercise plus it teaches discipline and respect in a way that we really liked. The schedule and the location of the karate place were a challenge for us at the time and that is the reason we didn't continue. I think karate is a great thing for kids to do though.

Felicia said...

Love, love, love the photos! P must be so proud!

Cynthia said...

That is just too cute! I know football camp isn't supposed to be cute, but they're so little...and it's cute!

Unknown said...

This is the one thing that I will miss about being a mama to girls. No football camp.

Go, Shark Boy, go!

Burgh Baby said...

OMG. That is SO cute! Especially since it's not my kid getting tackled. ;-)

Pop and Ice said...

Who knew football could be so adorable?

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

Football already? It's not even August yet.

Adorable pics, especially the one where he's covering his mouth. There's just something about it that makes me smile. Thanks for sharing these, 'cause I really needed to smile today.

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Fantastic photographs! We usually do soccer camp, but my boys missed out this year on account of our holidays!

PMKU said...

WOW! My son was traumatized on the playground with football so he won't play. :(

He's into soccer. I love your shots though and the victory lap is priceless.

Sarahviz said...

Awww...I'm quite partial to little blonde guys who play football!

Aspen Real Life said...

Thanks for visiting my website.

Your son looks like he's going to give them all a run for their money in football.

I am learning more and more with each football practice but I almost passed out when the coach yelled that the object of football is hitting.

Are we reversing ten years of my teaching my children not to hit??

Do you think I'll ever get used to this game or am I too much of a sissy? Don't answer.

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