How To Smoke A Salmon

One of my family's favorite meals is Smoked Salmon and Black Beans and Rice. This was what we made for Bear's first birthday because it is one of the (many) things he loves to eat.

I am personally intimidated by the smoker, but not as much now that Mr. P walked me through it so I could write this post for Mouthwatering Monday.

First, buy a big fresh salmon. (We have great luck at Costco.) Place it on a foil covered cookie sheet and sprinkle it liberally with Rock Salt. Press fresh dill into it and let it sit in the fridge for 30-45 minutes.


Next, soak your wood chips in water. We are using Hickory chips here but any type you choose should be fine. (You can buy bags of wood chips at most places that sell smokers and grills and accessories.)

P is soaking these in a small cooler. You only need enough to cover the coals in your smoker's bowl.


Prepare your smoker. We got our Smoke-n-Grill at Home Depot. You don't need anything fancier than this.


She's not pretty, but she gets the job done.

Next, light the charcoal and let it burn until it's gray. (This is also where you begin yelling at the kids to stay back.)


The Really Hot Dangerous Part.
Smokers have layers, and this is layer number one: Place charcoal in smoker bowl on bottom rung of the smoker.


Cover charcoal with wet wood chips. (Continuing to beat back fascinated children.)


Place your second smoker bowl full of water on middle rung of smoker. The smoke begins to rise immediately. It also smells wonderful!


On top rung, place the grill.


On grill, place the salmon. You will notice that we've scraped all the salt off the salmon and put the dill back on. (YOU MUST scrape the salt off.)


Place the lid on the smoker. It takes about an hour to smoke one large salmon.


Remove the dill and it's ready. Serve with a salad, corn on the cob, and Zaratain's New Orleans Style Black Beans and Rice. (There's no point slaving over a recipe when what comes out of that box is that good.)

Easy and delish!

Summer Cookout

Special Notes: 1) Don't leave the Rock Salt on for more than an hour. 30-45 minutes is perfect. 2) Don't forget to scrape the salt off before you smoke the salmon. 3) If the smoker stops visibly smoking, you need to add more wood chips and get the smoke going again.

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mo.stoneskin said...

Inspirational, especially that gorgeous colour of the salmon. Incidentally I have salmon for lunch today. Not smoked though, I didn't have time for that this morning!

Michelle Smiles said...

I wish I liked salmon. I love fish and seafood but only tolerate salmon. But I covet the smoker...we've talked about it but not sure we would use it enough.

Amy said...

mo. - This is inspirational! It's SO good.

Michelle - I bet you would like this salmon - it's the best. The smoker is only $50, so that helps. If you only use it a couple times a year it's not like you've invested hundreds in it. The thing we need to do is smoke other things with ours. We do the salmon frequently but we've not branched out.

Rachel said...

nom nom nom nom nom!!!
Your table looks gorgeous and delicious and so homey!!!

I loooove this how to! Your pics are fabulous and the instructions.. perfect!

Liza Graves said...

I must make this. Thank you for the step by step instructions! I may actually make it TONIGHT!:-)

Amy said...

Rachel - Thanks! It was fun to do a step-by-step.

Liza - If you try it you must come back and let me know how it turned out!

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