Weekly Winners July 19 - 25

Red Church Door

The Red Church Door

Sugarplum & The Russian

Sugarplum & The Russian

Bear in Helmet
Budding Footballer

Ready for some Football
More on this later...

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rubbish said...

Brilliant photo of the little boy getting ready to wipe someone out. Is he yours?

Ladynred said...

Wonderful photos. Love the red church door and the red dress.

Amy said...

rubbish - Yep, the little football player is mine. He's so cute, preparing to crush someone, isn't he?

Ladynred - Thank you. I drive by that church every day and it's so pretty. I finally stopped and took some shots. The girl in red is my daughter - that dress is adorable!

PMKU said...

The Budding Football player & The Russian. I LOVE it! You crack me up.

PMKU said...

At least you can call him "The Russian." I call mine "Brat."

Amy said...

Pamela - Oh he's not a brat at all. He's what the old folks call a "nice young man." (I am apparently now one of the old folks.)

Lauren @ mostly i run said...

How cute, the little footballer!
Great shots!

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