Back-to-School Give-Away & A Wiggly Teaser

This post is all about me giving you stuff. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

Behind door #1:

Many items have gone to school with Shark Boy and not returned home. A portion have turned up in the Lost & Found. We've lost a lot of belts and hoodies* and lunchboxes in particular. He doesn't even have the sense to bring some other kid's stuff home in place of his lost stuff.

But this year Heather at Applied Labels sent me a pack of their labels for Shark. They go through the laundry (waterproof) - whoot! No fading or smearing. And the shoe shields are brilliant. I wasn't sure I'd need those, but for football camp I put them in his cleats and they never budged. In a sea of black cleats - his were clearly labeled. Awesome.

Thanks to Applied Labels (a company owned by a mom in Tennessee) I'm giving away a Monster Ultimate School Pack! Visit their website and come back to this post and comment about your favorite item. A random winner will be chosen from all eligible comments left by midnight Tuesday, August 18th. (U.S. addresses only)

For an extra entry, Tweet about this give-away and leave another comment with a link to your tweet.

Applied Labels has also set up a coupon code for 10% Off for Milk Breath and Margaritas readers. When you order:

Coupon Code: "Margaritas"
Enter and Click: "Redeem Coupon"
Expires: 9.30.09.

(*I even monogrammed his name on his school logo hoodies to stem the loss. $25 per hoodie + $25 for monogramming = I'm making him wear them until the sleeves only reach his elbows and his head no longer fits in the hood.)

Behind door #2:

...is a Big Fat Teaser.

Next week I'm giving away a family 4 pack of tickets to the August 29th, 5:00 p.m. The Wiggles Go Bananas! live show at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

The Sprout folks have been such a pleasure to work with as part of the Band of Bloggers. They have so many fun, creative ideas. To get us all excited about seeing The Wiggles they sent this:

The Wiggles Fun Pack

With 4 flavors of Wiggles jello, a cookie cutter, and a recipe for Jello Wigglers. (My boys love jello - this is perfect for them!)

The Wiggles Wiggly Jello

So we're very excited!! Many thanks to Sprout for the tickets, and check back to enter and win if you are local (or local enough!).

Good luck on the label give-away!!


Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

I dont have school age kiddos (right now, or any more...or, well you know) but I will happily tweet this for you because it's an awesome giveaway and you're pretty awesome yourself!

Amy said...

Oh Auds - thanks honey!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! What a great business idea. A real Godsend for parents of kids in day care. My girlfriend had rubberized bands (like those ubiquitous bracelets) for her daughter's baby bottles, but the tape is ingenious.

Stefanie said...

Love the labels for the clothing. My son likes to leave his coat(s) laying around school. Lost one in Kindergarten supposedly on the bus. We'll see how first grade goes. I hope I win!!!!

Sheri @ www.careergirlinterrupted.com said...

i'm w/ya on the hoodie thing. Seriously - like you said - they could have the decency to come home with someone ELSE's. Love the shoe shields but will they hold up in sneakers...but the clothes tags are a must i think.

Siemens said...

I think the Shoe Shields look tres useful. I've used other labels that do come off, so am interested to see whether these are, indeed, better.

Brigid said...

Without a doubt, the clothing labels. My daughter is starting kindergarten and let's just say I have a feeling she will be forgetting jackets A LOT!

Rachel said...

SO CUTE! Adorable that you can add the little icons! ;-) The clothing labels are priceless, especially for those of us whose kids wear uniforms! EVERYTHING MATCHES! ahem.

The shoe shields are slick, too. What a fabulous idea!!

Broccoli Cupcake said...

I love the clothes tags. We misplace hoodies all the time so maybe with the tags they'll find their way home.

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy said...

I need those tags!! NEED THEM!

Angie's Spot said...

How did I miss this giveaway?! I have been looking for these kinds of labels for a year! I've been relegated to writing their name in Sharpie (shudder) on their clothes. These would be the perfect solution! I just can't decide between the butterfly picture or princess crown. Both of my girls would love both! Thanks!

Jill said...

Oh! That Back to School set for sure! I've been hand writing out all the labels for my kids stuff! lol

Tweet is up next.

Unknown said...

i love that their labels are so versatile and go on so many different things. I never realized until having kids how easily they can misplace stuff!


The Applied Labels are a fabulous thing ~ my mom used to have personalized ribbon labels for each of the kids she'd sew into our stuff. These labels make it that much easier!

rowena___. said...

wow, i love all the different labels! and that cutie font is just....cute. :D i'd have to hide these from ella.

rowena___. said...

oh, i also tweeted this, hope you get a lot of entries!

clothing labels said...

Applied Labels has this classic signature on their designs. I hope they can throw in more colors and shapes. Anyways, nice stuff!

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