How To Make Beer Can Chickens


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Beer Can Chicken! Whoot! This is a popular recipe, so I expect many of you have made it before. But if you haven't, shame on you. Here's your chance to rectify the situation.

3 T salt (I use Kosher Salt)
3 T paprika
3 T black pepper
3 T brown sugar

In another bowl, mix:
3 T melted butter
1/2 t liquid smoke

Go out back and kill you a chicken and pluck it.

Substitution: Go to the grocery store and buy a whole chicken (4-5 lbs).

Rinse chicken and pat dry. Using a pastry brush, brush the chicken thoroughly with the butter mixture. Then take small handfuls of the rub and rub it all over, completely covering the chicken. Toss a little into the cavity too. (Reserve 2 T of rub.)

Now take a can of beer, any brand will do. Drink half of it. Pour about 2 T of the rub into the half full beer can. It will fizz up and your kids will think it is awesome.

Pick up the chicken and sit him upon his beer throne. When I started making beer can chickens, sometimes an uncooperative chicken would refuse to sit up properly on the can. Now they make special stands you can put the beer can in and you won't have tippy chickens.


Here is Shark Boy mixing the rub and Bear studying the chicken holder contraptions. I use an old jelly roll pan because this is messy and it produces a lot of drippings. You could also sit your chicken in a shallow roasting pan.


Put your chicken in the oven on 350 for 2 to 2.5 hours, basting with pan juices every 30-40 minutes or so.


The meat falls right off the bone.

This smells so good you will not believe it. Our old cat Ben would go crazy when he smelled this cooking. He loved beer can chicken.

I made two so we could have it two nights. I served it with a salad, sweet potatoes with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon, steamed broccoli, and for dessert:


Fresh Peach Pie Straight From Heaven, y'all!


Smoochiefrog said...

Looks delish!

Don Mills Diva said...

I'm totally thinking of moving to your town in hopes that you might invite me to dinner.


Rachel said...

HOly hell woman.. y'all use beer can chicken HOLDERS?
Pardon me while I die laughing :-)

We've been making beer can chicken since Moby Dick was a Minnow and we loves it. I've never made it in the oven though.. hmmmmmm

Great post punkin'! xoxo

rubbish said...

Wow. 2 questions:
1. What's liquid smoke?
2. Do you really put the beer can into the chicken then put it into the oven?
Here's another question, if I'm ever in America can I come round for dinner?

Amy said...

Rubbish - Liquid smoke is just that - they burn wood chips and capture the condensation. It looks like, and has the consistency of, soy sauce. But it smells like smoke and gives a smoky flavor to meats. I buy it at the grocery store.

And the chicken does sit right on the beer can! The can is the exact size to slide up into the cavity of the bird. Then the beer steams through the meat at it cooks.

Don Mills Diva and rubbish - you are both invited for dinner the next time you are in this country in the vicinity of Nashville!

Amy said...

Rachel - my damn chickens fell over a couple times. So, yeah, I caved and got the holders and they totally work!

But most times, the chickens stand up fine without them.

Momo Fali said...

I make these on the grill. My family loves beer-can chicken and it is SO easy!

Bejewell said...

DO NOT SHAME ME, LADY. I have more than enough shame for my nonexistent cooking skills without your help. This all looks very complicated. I'm scared.

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