Shark Bites - Back to School Edition

A shirtless Shark Boy smacks his tummy (which is flat, rock hard, and 6 pack-like and he's only 7!), grins at me, and says,

"I'm made of STEEL!!"

Then he winks. ( I love it when he winks at me.)


I was trying desperately to get him to remember what he was supposed to do in his Spanish workbook. I kept asking questions, trying to jog his memory. Finally he leaned in so close he nearly went blurry and whispered, quietly and seriously, "I suspect I have short term memory loss."


As the first day of school approached, the whining about it became more frequent and pitiful. The day before, in despair, he moaned, "How did you get educated?!? How did you DO all these years of school?!"

Shark in Dads Shoes

You'll be grown up soon enough dude. Trust me.


Anonymous said...

He's a trip!

Unknown said...

Ha - what a funny kid. My daughter always asks me if I went to school as long as she has and I tell her I'm still in school - it goes on FOREVER, because we like to be smart. She just grins and asks "well then how come you don't know everything then?"

Kids..so smart! :)

Lori said...

He is one a my most favorite shorty!

I know some boys with some short term memory loss as well. But they are not so charming when they can not remember.

Anonymous said...

He's a card. Kids are the best people.

I think I am the only one in denial here. I seriously cannot imagine my kids having to put on SOCKS let alone sitting in school for six hours a day. But I'm keeping the shock to myself, as my daughter actually dug out her workbook (which we haven't seen since early July) and has been doing it daily without prodding.

Wendi said...

Very funny! My 7 year old started school on Monday and said, "Mommy, 2nd grade's OK, but I can't wait until my first day of college. I'm going to wear my Phineas & Ferb shirt."

rubbish said...

Jeez, he's got some feet on him. The girls are going to love him!!

Liz Harrell said...

So funny!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

It's awful what we teachers do to little Sharks!

Rachel said...

SO CUTE!!!!!

Pamela M. Kramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

I love it! Look at him in those shoes. Ahhhhh - it goes by way to fast. Don't blink.

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