Weekly Winners - July 26 - August 1

Water Drop on Leaf

More a puddle than a drop!

Leaf with Droplet

Bug slip-n-slide

Clouds At Sunset

Sunset beyond my tree.

Union Station

The Old Station.

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Unknown said...

These are awesome. I LOVE the first one. You really captured the weather in this town this week.

Amy said...

Rebecca - Thanks! It's been that rainy-sunshiny weather I love part of the time, and just plain gray rainy the other half. Some good light though.

purejoy said...

beautiful. i guess if it's going to rain, then you should capture its beauty, and you DID!! fantastic!! and what a beautiful shot of the clouds!

Tara R. said...

That sunset is stunning! Fabulous colors.

Nik said...

That puddle is FANTASTIC. I love the refelction and contrast, as well as the super sharp focus! Great capture!

secret agent mama said...

Great work, Amy!! <3

Lauren @ mostly i run said...

Beautiful sunset shot!

Rachel said...

Amy, these are gorgeous!!!

I love the bug slip'n'slide!

I want rain!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots! Loved the sunset one, particularly.

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Great shots. I love the last one... you caught the moody ethereal quality of that station. Wicked! =)

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