The Camp Out

Last year on the Cub Scouts fall camping trip, Shark Boy and I spent the weekend hiking and messing around. We sat around our campfire at night in the cold, clear peacefulness by the lake, talking and getting sleepy, him eventually climbing onto my lap to keep warm.

This year was different. This year, he and I didn't really spend any time together. Mr. P and Bear came this year, and Shark is a year older, and we had a large community campfire instead of individual fires.

I feel like I only saw him from a distance, running and laughing with his friends, while I had Bear glued to my leg. (Really, Bear was trying to keep warm. The Den may have qualified for the sub-freezing camping patch.)

H camping oct 09

How much fun the boys had can be determined by how dirty they were at the end of the trip. He officially had a blast.


I did get plenty of time with Bear, seen here in deep Walden Pond-esque contemplation of the wonders of nature. Or he might just be frozen.

Daddy and little Bear

Bear got to take numerous hikes. And the little dude can walk a long way. Here he's heading back to camp after a walk with Daddy. (Gosh, they are cute.)

Little Bear and his Godpapa

Here he's heading up the trail with The Godfather. He let go of me and said to his God-Papa, "Hold my hand," and off they went. He periodically looked back to make sure I hadn't gotten lost, while he happily talked and talked to his Godfather, doing that little chuckle to himself once in a while that I find so endearing, even if I haven't understood anything he said.


It was a great trip except for the part where I couldn't sleep at night because it was that cold.

And the part where we finally got home to a warm house and we all needed baths and a nap and Shark and I didn't get those things because he went and stabbed himself on the hand (it was more like he tried to fillet himself actually) within 10 minutes of walking in the door and blood was everywhere (which I missed because I was putting Bear down, but it gave P a mild heart attack), and I had to take him in to see if stitches were required.

Other than all that, and the possibility that my hair still smells like woodsmoke, it was awesome.


Pop and Ice said...

I love the smell of wood smoke in my hair! It's all natural and sexy! I bet Mr. P couldn't resist you!

Amy said...

Pop and Ice - Ha! We were pretty much exhausted. Still are actually.

mo.stoneskin said...

Bear shows remarkable awareness and care in his checking that you weren't lost. You get lost often huh?!

Jessie Weaver said...

Beautiful pictures, Amy! It sounds lovely, although chilly. I can't imagine camping in this weather we've had.

Sorry to hear about Shark Boy's hand. Is he OK?

Amy said...

mo - Heh. He knows me well perhaps.

Vandy Wife - Hi there!! I guess I should have said - but yes he's just fine! After Dr. #1 couldn't decide and consulted with Dr. #2, it was determined he could get away with a butterfly patch instead of stitches, to his great relief. A butterfly patch which he promptly removed the next day, to my great annoyance. We've attempted to re-tape the wound together, but he'll have a worse scar now.

Life As I Know It said...

It was all lovely and great up until the part where you got home and had blood to deal with....hope he is ok!

evenshine said...

Yay for the woods, and the smell of smoke, and the freezingness that you only get from sleeping on the floor, in the outdoors, in sleeping bags!

(I'd say a massage and mani pedi are in order...)

Wendi said...

Camping and blood and freezing temperatures; it's like a Jack London story. :)

Amo said...

I love camping in the fall! I've been trying to get up the nerve to do it while Dorkfish is out of town, but nighttime in the woods alone pretty much TERRIFIES me.

Big girl...I know. Hush.

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