Little Passports & Curious George

I have a great Christmas present idea for you! (What? Haven't you started shopping?)

Little Passports asked us to review their Global Adventure for Kids geography educational toy subscription thingy, and since Shark Boy loves maps it seemed like something we would enjoy.

It is a clear winner. Kids love to get mail, and he gets a package each month. The child receives a suitcase the first time, with a boarding pass, a large map of the world, a passport, a personalized letter from the globetrotting characters Sam and Sofia. Then each month a new package comes from Sam and Sofia with a little gift from whatever country they are in, a postcard, stickers and a passport stamp, and a boarding pass.

Little Passports Map Collage

The boarding passes have a code that you use to sign into the Little Passports web site and play games - trivia, puzzles, for Brazil there was a soccer game, and printable photographs of the featured country.

Little Passports Online Collage

(Please forgive the rotten quality photos of my computer screen.)

Everything can be kept in the suitcase. He loves putting stickers for each new location on the suitcase and stamping his passport. (Bear chimes in when we play on the web site with commentary like, "My like that con-tin-nent. It's purple!")

The first souvenir Shark got sealed the deal - it was a rock. A little hunk of real amethyst. Shark loves geology and collects rocks, so he was totally impressed. The next little "toy" was a wooden 3-D puzzle of a toucan. (You can see both of these in the first photo above.)

I honestly can say the quality of everything from Little Passports has been first rate, and he is learning - finding things on the map and learning about each country. It's a great, fun teaching tool. We are looking forward to each new package that comes!

(The skinny: They sent us the first month's kit - the suitcase - free. I loved it and signed up!)

(Bonus: Little Passports donates a portion of every sale to SOS Children's Villages-USA and Ubuntu Education Fund.)
Nashvillians! Have I got a deal for you? Yes I do!

Curious George
is coming to TPAC and I've got a discount code on tickets. Squee!!

A VEE Corporation Production in association with Universal Pictures Stage Productions and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. CG: ® & © 2009 Universal Studios and/or HMH. Photos courtesy of VEE Corporation.

Look how CUTE! In this musical, George ends up on a mission to help Chef Pisghetti’s meatballs win a world-famous competition. This adventure takes him to Rome and The Golden Meatball Contest. Bear LOVES meatballs! He will so be into this.

The show runs from Thursday, October 22nd - Sunday, October 25th. Tickets can be purchased at the TPAC box office, at the Davis Kidd Booksellers in the Green Hills Mall, or online here. Enter the code FRIEND to receive $3 off each ticket! (Not valid on Opening Night or on Price Level 1 seating.)

(Curious George did in fact give me tickets to the show. And we can't wait!)

Curious George was Mr. P's favorite when he was little. I honestly don't remember having a favorite character. (What is wrong with me?)

Who was your favorite?


mo.stoneskin said...

I'm a little confused. Not by maps or anything, but more the photos of your computer screen - the mental gymnastics required to understand this are mad. That is the same computer you blog from?!

Loukia said...

My oldest son who is 4 year old loves Curious George most of the time and goes through phases where that's all we read.. then he gets too stressed out and can't handle that George always gets in trouble and then we have to stop reading them for a while!
I think that little passports suitcase is such a great gift idea - my son would love that! Thanks for the great review!

Amy said...

mo - you kill me dude.

Loukia - Little Passports is so fun! When a new package arrives it's really exciting, and each month you solve a word puzzle to find out where you'll go next month. Super cute. And we've got LOADS of Curious George books too - both boys like him. Who doesn't like him?

The Urban Cowboy said...

What age group do you think this would be best suited for?

Amy said...

Well, cowboys of all ages will love it, but you may want to find a toddler to go with you. Heh.

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