Monkeys and Bears

Curious George Live

Tonight was Curious George Live night. Bear talked and talked after school about seeing George and he was wondering if "the monkey would be jumpin' on da bed!"

I was wondering how I manage to get into situations with impossible turn-around times. I had to get home from work with both boys, feed them (frozen pizza. send my Mother of the Year Award to P.O. Box Oh-Shut-Up-Already), change them into clean clothes, change myself into something suitable, and get back downtown, park, and get everyone in the building in their seats by 7:00.

We walked in during the opening song. Huzzah!

Curious George Show

I want this monkey costume for myself for Halloween. It is adorable. It has a super padded bum that actually sort of reminded me of Bear's bum.

Bear at Curious George

Bear really liked George. He said, as we waited for the valet to bring back our car (ok, so I was running late and there is seriously no parking there and I hated to do it, but I was alone, in the dark, with both kids - whaaaa), "Dat George is tunny!"

The show is colorful, fast paced, and the songs are done in real Broadway-style sung by real singers, so it's enjoyable for parents too. The story line included things my boys love - cooking, meatballs, an airplane trip, and Curious George of course.

It was a fun evening and I'm sure I'll be making pisghetti and meatballs this weekend.

The show runs through this weekend. Tickets can be purchased at the TPAC box office, at the Davis Kidd Booksellers in the Green Hills Mall, or online here.

Enter the code FRIEND to receive $3 off each ticket. (Not valid on Price Level 1 seating.)

PS: Mr. P (who joined us late) had two main observations. 1) These things are always so LOUD. 2) It's a really good idea to serve beer.


rubbish said...

I took my Daughter to see the Tweenies once. She screamed so much I had to take her home. My Missus took her the next night and she loved it.
Go figure?
Looks like a blast for the kids.

Amy said...

rubbish - The Tweenies, is that like Teletubbies? I can see that being terrifying actually.

Bear was more relaxed this time. He loved (LOVED) The Wiggles, but he was a little worried -- not sure what was happening. This show he was a lot more relaxed.

Amo said...

Awwww, his cute little face is fascinated! How precious.

Good job, mommy. You're a hard worker!

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