Smile for Mommy Sweetheart

And this...
Tooth 1a

This is what I get.

Boys. They are so much more awesome than I ever would have imagined.

When Shark Boy was learning to walk (he walked at 10 months goodgrief) he fell and chipped a perfect little crescent shape out of the bottom of one front tooth. I tried not to be upset I was devastated. Then a few weeks later at church, he was standing next to me and put his face down on a marble bench, gently, no smashing or banging, and chipped a perfect little crescent shape out of the bottom of the other front tooth.

I.could.not.believe.it. The shapes matched exactly.

In pictures you can only tell if you are looking for it, and by the time he was 3ish, the crescents had worn down and evened off, and it was as if nothing happened.

He has a beautiful smile (despite evidence to the contrary above).

And now it's changing again.

Tooth 2

The other front tooth is loose and will be out soon. I taught him the song "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth," complete with lisp, which he found hysterically funny.

He also decided, I believe, that it's best to play along like the Tooth Fairy is real, just in case you don't get any cash if you admit that she's not.

PS: Yikes, does he needs a haircut.


Allyson/HBMomof2 said...

Must be something in the fall air, my 6 year old daughter just lost her other top tooth last week. She has all 4 missing in the front now and thanks to you, I have a song I need to teach her!

By the way, he is adorable, haircut or not.

mo.stoneskin said...

Privately I'm sceptical of the Tooth Fairy's existence, but publicly I am still a believer, just in case she ever drops off all the cash she owes me.

Amy said...

Allyson - All 4 on top gone at once?! Poor girl - it must be hard to eat!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Miss C is also on the verge of losing her other top tooth!

He's a cutie! I think my kids always look on the verge of a hair cut (or hair brushing).

Ellen aka Ellie said...

This is totally random, but your wallpaper reminds me of a classic dish pattern, Evesham Vale...

Oh, and I have friends who live in France, and there there is no fairy, but a tooth mouse. The mouse exchanges the teeth for candy--which seems suspect, if you ask me.

Sheri @ www.careergirlinterrupted.com said...

he's such a cutie patootie.

Anonymous said...

Ah! how cute! Thank you for posting a comment today on my blog.

My second daughter is entering the losing teeth stage and has lost the front two bottom teeth this school year so far...so we'll see how long it takes the other two (on top) to come out).

kristi said...

And then they grow in those huge teeth that don't match their little faces!! :)

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