Weekly Winners October 4-10

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One Stormy Day


Sailing over the edge.

Our beach

Sailor Bear

Sailor Bear

Proud fisherman!

Shark's Big Fish

The sun sets on a perfect week.



secret agent mama said...

Great shots of the beach! I would LOVE to get some of my own.

Tara R. said...

Beautiful beach snaps! That is a huge fish, congrats to your angler.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Beautiful shots! I love the second one and the little sailor suit~

MOO said...

I wish I lived at the beach. LOVE these shots!

Jeanette said...

LOVE the first shot... it's very special

Jeanette said...

LOVE the first shot... it's very special

Rachel said...

Seriously.. Bear in that suit! OH MAH GOSH!

The cuteness factor of that is overwhelming.

YAY! LOVE beach shots and congrats to the fisherman!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Love that last picture and that sailor suit...OH MY is that cute or what? Is this part of a grand holiday photo scheme? Or just general cuteness? :)

Amy said...

The sailor suit was Shark Boy's. My mom gave it to him and had Smith put on the back instead of his first name, so now Bear can wear it. I love it!

Lauren @ mostly i run said...

Oh, I love the beach. Great shots!

Unknown said...

I love the one of your son just *gulp* grasping that fish! No heebie-jeebies there, huh? Ewww. Mama likes the kids' faces when they catch fish, but I cannot be involved with de-hooking or cleaning them. ;)

It looks like a spectacular vacation. Gorgeous pics!

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