The Seriously Belated Thanksgiving Post

thanksgiving pillow

Wow I just sort of disappeared there for a while. Went to Vespers and poof! Gonzo.

We visited my parents in Cincinnati for the week. Mom and I needed one whole day devoted to pie baking.

Pumpkin, Raisin Cream, Lemon Meringue, and Sour Cherry.

Sour Cherry Pie

Grandma baked sugar cookies with the boys - pilgrim and turkey-shaped.

Shark's Turkey Cookie

And then the kids found the bag of cookie cutters and we ended up with a platter of Christmas trees, pumpkins, carrots, and hearts. But SUGAR COOKIES. With ICING. So WHO CARES.

Grandma and Bear make cookies

Grandma helping Bear make a Christmas tree.

Bear makes turkey cookies
"I'm mainly here to eat dough. "

We also had Fluff, which is a Campbell family tradition.


So, we're back and pretty well stuffed.

And I will be posting about Sloths. Like, the animal. Which isn't very seasonal but it's cuter than you might think.


Jessie Weaver said...

Devoting a whole day to making pies sounds heavenly to me. I almost never get to really help with the holiday cooking and it bums me out.

I am determined to make sugar cookies this year as part of my holiday preparation. I've let that tradition go to the wayside in being apart from my family. Maybe Libbie will "help" me decorate them!

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, there are so many things to love here.

1. Your funny title. 2. Your funnier first line. 3. That pillow. 4. That incredibly lovely looking pie. 5. The sweetness of your boys making cookies.

Please do tell what Fluff is.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts about sloths. Seriously. I would mention a couple cool things I've learned about them, but I don't want to be a spoiler.

Amy said...

Vabdy - Yes, pie should be a food group.

Rebecca - I will have to post the Fluff recipe. Now my husband's family is all "you're bringing Fluff, right?" Once you've had Fluff, there's no turning back.

S said...

Scrumptious pie, and delicious boys! What more is there?

Amy said...

sloucy - That pretty well covers it!

rubbish said...

The only fluff I've heard of is in your belly button.
Looks like you had a good time though, all the best.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Sounds like a wonderful feast! Your pies is right up there with Martha S. My daughter made sugar cookies yesterday, I was so sick last night from eating the dough! Sometimes I'm such a 5 year old!

mo.stoneskin said...

I'll bet Bear enjoyed scraping the mixing bowl. We all know that was the only reason he was there.

Anonymous said...

I can tell how flaky that pie crust is from here! I have pie envy.

I'm wracking my brain for what we called "fluff," but it's misfiled somewhere. Of course, coming from the same mid-West-y region, I've had it.

Michelle Smiles said...

A day for pie...that should be a separate holiday. And cut out cookies are my absolute favorite thing (I would gladly give up pie for a plate full of those) but I detest making them so I only do it every 3 years or so...then the memory fades and I think I'll do it again because surely it wasn't that bad...then I remember why I never make them because I hate them and the cycle repeats.

Life As I Know It said...

wow - that is a beautiful looking pie!
Pie is the whole reason I like Thanksgiving ;)

Saunders said...

fluff looks like rosa marina salad :)

evenshine said...

I so totally have that same tree cookie cutter!!!

And...sloths? They freak me out.

Glad your Thanksgiving was great!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

OK the Fluff looks amazing! The pie is gorgeous, too.

Sounds like you had a wonderful getaway. Can't wait to read about sloths. No really! ;)

Marinka said...

I fully expected to see a photo of myself.

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