Bourbon Chocolate Mousse and More

Bourbon Chocolate Mousse 2

This will WOW your guests - I promise. It is not only gorgeous and delicious, it is an easy make-ahead dessert.

Bourbon Chocolate Mousse

3 - 8 oz. packages of semisweet chocolate squares
3/4 C sugar
1 C strongly brewed coffee
1/2 C bourbon (I'm partial to Maker's Mark)
1 C butter
2 C whipping cream, whipped

Put all the chocolate squares in a large saucepan. Add the sugar --


-- now add the coffee, bourbon, and butter. Oh la la!


Look at the color of that bourbon - such a beautiful amber!

Cook on low heat, stirring constantly, until smooth. Set aside to cool.

Whip the whipping cream, and fold into the chocolate.


Oh good grief - and YUM.

This can be placed in any shape pan you like. I always use a loaf pan, but a small square (8x8) or round pan could be used as well. Line the pan with plastic wrap, then spoon in the mousse.

Cover, then place in the freezer for at least 8 hours.

Invert onto your serving plate.

Bourbon Chocolate Mousse 1

This year I decorated by snipping a live pink Asiatic lily and placing it on top. In other years I've made a large Christmas bow with wire-rimmed ribbon, and I've also used a single rose with a bow tied around the stem. You could also just top it with fresh strawberries and whipping cream. Major league ohhhhs and ahhhhs will be heard all around!

Speaking of strawberries, look how cute these Santa hats are:


I found them on The Tasty Kitchen and the kids loved them! Brownie mix in a mini muffin pan, let them cool, top with a strawberry, and pipe with icing. Big Hit!

And one more thing. We make a birthday cake for baby Jesus each year. I made Ree's homemade Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese icing and wrapped it up like a gift.

The Pioneer Woman's Red Velvet Cake Present

It's really easy to make a cake present. Bake your cakes in square pans and ice them. Unroll long strips of fruit roll-up and cut them in different lengths. Make loops and ribbons for the bow, using icing to "cement" them in place. It looks really good if you sprinkle the fruit strips with sparkling sugar, but I was out - so my bow doesn't sparkle.

Pioneer Woman's Red Velvet Cake

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mudmama said...

wowza! yum yum yum. The first looks soooo decadent and delish and the other two are so creative. Love the fruit roll up for a bow. Must try all- thanks!

Cynthia said...

OMG...that is a bunch-o-yummy:P

De said...

We still have a bottle of bourbon from our wedding (19 years ago) - you may have provided me with a way to use it up!

I don't think I can stand to wait almost a year to make the santa hats!

I was speechless at your incredible fondant bow, until I read the tip! Love it!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Making a birthday cake for Jesus was one tradition I'd intended to start this year, but my mom brought a bunch of her cookies and discouraged me from adding more desserts to the selection!

We did sing happy birthday to Jesus, though.

Amy said...

mudmama - That mousse is really delicious. The bourbon makes it taste different from "normal" mousse.

Nap -Thanks honey!

De - The fruit roll up bows are hilarious in a way. Everyone sees the cake and says, "You made that?!?" with their jaws hanging open. Then I explain the bow and it's like - wow - I could do that!

My Bear and my youngest nephew who is also 3 went around toward the end of the day eating all the strawberries off the remaining hats! The kids really love those.

Jessica - You did the important thing - you sang! I love the cake tradition, and I usually make one even if it's one dessert too many. I can't stop myself.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

OMG YUM! You go girl. That cake is gorgeous and I love the Santa hats.

You are turning into a REE! :)

Amy said...

Jamie - Lawsy-mercy, I don't think so!

I just started to take pictures of what I make and post the recipes. It's Rachel's fault.

Rachel said...

Oh My.

Nom nom nom.

amy, i love you.

Amy said...

Rachel - I love you too!! Smootches!

designHER Momma said...

stop it stop it, no seriously, stop it. I'm totally making this for Thursday night.


You have sent my chocolate addiction in to overdrive I love it!!!!!!

rubbish said...

The only problem with your recipes are that they end up looking too good to eat.
All the best for 2010.

Anonymous said...

I just love your weblog! Very nice post! Still you can do many things to improve it.


Amy said...

Anonymous - Well thanks for your opinion. (WTH?)

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

wow! these both look very impressive, but with your instructions, they sound surprisingly simple! Thank you, I loved this post. My favorite tip was definitely the fruit rollup ribbon :-)

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