Photo Management - 10 Best Tips Please

I don't have 10 Best Tips for Photo Management, I'm asking you to tell me your 10 Best Tips for Photo Managment. Because my head is about to get all explody.

I need a consistent structure people! When I download onto my hard drive from my camera, it automatically puts everything in folders by the date (12/1, 12/2, 12/5, etc...) that the shots were taken. It is really hard to go back and find a specific photo.

On Flickr, I started setting things up by "Event." ("Easter 2009," "Disney World," "Shark Boy 2nd Grade," etc...) But I have too many random pictures that I want on Flickr, and they aren't associated with an event. So I have a growing number of things that aren't in a set or a collection - they are just "loose." How do you efficiently catagorize the miscellaneous shots? (And do you have a nomenclature for naming & tagging? Because OMG.)

While we're on Flickr, do you upload a ton of stuff there and then set the permissions so people only see certain things (which makes for a huge photo stream for the user to manage/wade through), or do you upload only "keepers"- edited and finished shots - using Flickr as a place to show your favorites, rather than also being a storage place?

AND ALSO - How do you share photo albums with friends and family? I used to use Picasa a lot and it's easy to email a whole album. On Flickr, it seems not very easy at all (the people I would send to don't have flickr accounts). Do I seriously have to load the photos in both places to send family photo albums? Do y'all do that? Cause that crap takes a ton of time!

AND ALSO AGAIN - How do you decide whether to put your name or your blog name on the photo? I often end up with 3 versions of the same shot on Flickr - the original, the edited version, and the version with my blog name on it if I'm planning to use it here. GAH. (SO many bloggers don't put names on photos that I wonder if I need to go to this trouble.)

To start 2010 I would really love a method to my photo storage and sharing, rather than simply madness. (help me!)

PS: If you've read this far I may as well as one more question right? If you do not use your kid's names on your blog, do you use them in tags and whatnot on flickr and other photo sites?


Lori said...

I will just say I am absolutely no help in this department. We have over 12,000 photos on a separate hard drive all organized by the date they were downloaded. And that's it. I will be lurking to see what other folks say because we need some serious help too. My current solution is to stop taking pictures. - Not a good one.

Meredith said...

I'm all ears to see what everyone has to say - my hard drive of pictures is a MESS!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my goals, too. C'mon photo-bloggers! Link over here and help us out!

Amy said...

Girls - we are getting NO help whatsoever. I knew things slowed to a crawl on a holiday week, but NOTHING?

My plan was to leave this up until after New Year's because comments would be slow. I may have to leave it until Valentine's Day at this rate!

Burgh Baby said...

I use Flickr essentially as a backup and means of sharing with family. If I like a photo and would want it if my hard drive and separate drive both crashed, I put it there. I don't set anything to private because if family wants to see pics, they have to go there (none of them have accounts). I do have Creative Commons set so that most of my photos aren't usable by others for monetary gain (legally, anyway).

As for organizing, I tend to do my organizing by date when I transfer stuff to my backup drive (usually once per month). (And, yes, I do keep both an online and in-house backup. I'm paranoid.) I try to tag photos that have anything other than Alexis in them (she's in 99% of my photos, so those don't need tagged).

Also, check out Pixelpipe. It lets you upload photos to more than one destination simultaneously. For example, it would upload to both flickr and picasa with one upload process. I've found it a bit clumsy, but it does get the job done.

Jen said...

I've been using Picasa on my computer. I keep my pictures by date there. It also recognizes faces. And I'm uploading to Flickr by event.

Teresa said...

My best tip...when I put the photos on my computer (get rid of that folder by date option if you can) I immediately pick out the good shareable ones and put them in a separate folder. Then when I go to upload them to show family/friends (which ends up being 4 different distinct groups, argh) I can just upload everything in that separate folder and I know it's all good. No extra sorting at the time of upload. Which is my biggest complaint. I put all pics in a monthly or bimonthly folder and use a photoviewing program (xnView) to view them quickly. I then rename them with a bulk renamer (Bulk Rename) to be the year month date. I know it's on the properties, but when you upload them, I like to see the date as the file name. I hate my camera's naming convention.

Everything is stored on an external drive, that is backed up.

After that I'm not help. I use iPhoto to share with my Dad, msnPhoto to share with everyone else. I gave up the 'pic' sites, such as shutterfly/kodak b/c no one was really printing them out. msnPhoto is lovely for sharing and uploading. iPhoto is only used b/c my Dad is a Mac geek and won't do it any other way.

Hmmm, that was all over the place. Hopefully some of that helped :)

Lisa said...

Organization is the key to finding pictures. Since I shoot professionally and pleasure, I have to have them organized a little bit so I know where they are and what they are.

I use Lightroom to edit all my pictures so this helps a lot with it. When I upload, I do it through LR, then you can set collections as to what it is, when, etc. You can put a picture in multiple collections. Client photos go all in a 'client' folder on my hard drive, then each type of shoot has a sub-folder with the client in a sub-folder after that.

Most of my personal photos are just done by date. Personal photos are uploaded to Flickr without watermarks but only viewable in one size. This way they can't be downloaded, ect and like Burgh Baby said, I have a Creative Commons license on my photos so I have some what of a legal stand point. When they go on Flickr, I put them in sets so I can at least somewhat find them if I need to. Plus if I want to print the picture or whatever later on, I can at least see when the picture was uploaded and find the file on my hard drive.

Client photos that are uploaded to Flickr are watermarked with my logo so they can't take them. They have to go to my business site to either purchase them. Really it's just another way to show case my pictures.

You can check them out if you'd like. It's a little unorganized right now since the holidays but for the most part, it's all there.

mo.stoneskin said...

Photo Management upsets me. We always end up with too many photos, dumped into hundreds of unsorted folders which are named by date.

Some of the software I've used can scan them all in, but when I add a new folder I've had cases when the other photos get scanned twice!

Arrgh, does my nut! These days I just get a set printed and send them to family like that.

Amy said...

Thanks everyone!

Mo - I've had things get somehow reloaded and doubled up. Very frustrating.

Also, "does my nut" is the most hilarious thing I've ever heard. I'm totally going to start saying that.

(Does it mean something I should know about?)

Karly said...

Good Lord, lady, you've got a lot of questions. :) I load all my pictures onto my computer by date...so one folder for each day that I took a photo. At the end of the month I transfer all the daily folders into a month folder. So, for example, at the end of January, I will create a folder called (you guessed it) January. Then I'll just drag all the 1/1/10, 1/3/10, 1/8/10, etc. folders into the January folder. At the end of the year I drag all the monthly folders into one big yearly folder. That's as organized as I get.

I do upload to Flickr and if my family wants to view a picture then they can go wade through my flickr stream. I'm not sure if they enjoy that or not, but I'm also not sure I care. ;)

As far as using names on flickr, I do. I don't use them on my blog because I don't want my kids and husband to show in a google search. I have no problem with readers knowing their names (and often use their real names in emails with readers), I just don't want a future employer to google them and stumble on my blog about their bed wetting problems, you know?

Oh, and you didn't ask about this, but I use jungle disk as my back up service. I had an external hard drive, but THAT FAILED AND I LOST EVERYTHING (cue sobbing), so I'm using an online service and I looooove it. I take tons of pictures and it backs up my entire computer daily and only costs a few bucks a month. Seriously...less than 5 bucks each month. It's simple to use and completely awesome. (This is not a sponsored comment, haha.)

Okay, I'm leaving now. I feel like I hijacked your comments section.

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