Sloth: A disinclination to action or labor.
Etymology: Middle English slouthe, from slow.  slooow....
As in: The deadly sin of sloth. Spiritual inactivity.

"Out of passions grow opinions; mental sloth lets these rigidify into convictions.”
So true, Friedrich Nietzsche, so true.

Overall, sloth isn't considered a positive attribute at all.

So, consider the poor animal crowned with the name sloth.  You'd expect it to be the sort of animal that might be on the dole, not pulling it's own weight in the wild kingdom. Only showing up when there's food, like your great uncle or that shiftless cousin.

Cute? You don't expect cute.

Sweet Sloth

I think she's cute. Her name is Mo, short for Slow Mo. (There is a really hearty laugh in this somewhere about my friend mo stoneskin, but I couldn't find it.)

They are ancient animals, dating back millions of years, when there used to be sloths the size of elephants.


They have highly specialized, heavy-duty claws.  They live upside down (I often feel like that myself) in the forests of South America. They can actually sleep hanging upside down from a tree branch. As someone who can sleep nearly anywhere, I'm impressed.


Y'all, they can give birth hanging upside down in a tree. I don't know why I'm surprised- it's not like there's a comfortable way to do it. (This sloth is not giving birth. This is not National Geographic, yo.)


Sloths have slowwww metabolisms, so they digest food slowwwwly and move very slowwwwy.  So the name isn't a slander against their character after all, it's a "medical condition."


Despite being nocturnal, I got to see Mo climb to the top of her tree. Verrry Slowwwwly.


And do some Sloth Pilates.


You are wondering if I'm in the tree with her aren't you? How else am I getting shots from this angle?


It was actually a little nerve-wracking to watch her trying to get a good hold. She never once looked at what she was doing to see where to grip.


The trip back down.  Yawn...


Ah. Back in the nest. Whew. What a workout.

"Be temperate in wine, in eating, girls, and sloth; Or the Gout will seize you and plague you both.”

Mo says whatever, Benjamin Franklin.

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Unknown said...

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Formerly known as Frau said...

I had know idea and now I know! But seriously how did you get those pictures at that angle?

mo.stoneskin said...

There's a really hearty laugh?

There will be when I get you back...

Amy said...

Imagination - Thanks. And way to work that plug in there.

Frau - I'll never tell. And who knew sloths were so cute and sort of fascinating?

mo - heh.

jennilea said...

I really, really believe I have an inner-sloth. =)

So adorable and yeah, I am still not sure how you took those photos!

evenshine said...

Cinci?? I wish I had known...I would totally have stalked you at the zoo...we're close by! Margaritas next time!!!

mudmama said...

She IS cute! Thanks for the Sesame Street Live info. Maybe I will run into you in Nash Vegas one of these days!

Burgh Baby said...

When I grow up, I want to be a sloth.

Rebecca said...

You did get some great shots!

Two facts I find interesting about sloths are that they can swim and that algae grows on their fur and acts like camouflage.

Sloths the size of elephants? Wow.

Amy said...

evenshine - I wish I'd known! I'd love to meet you. Next time for sure.

Rebecca - I knew about the swimming but not the algae - that's pretty cool. Though Mo looks like she has very clean fur.

Wendi said...

I learned ALL about sloths when Sam was in his rain forest stage at age 4. But yours is the cutest one I've ever seen.

designHER Momma said...

I once saw a sloth in the wild when I was hiking through the rainforest in Peru.

They are crazy cool animals. And you're not kidding - they are slow...

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